October 7, 2022


Do you believe…Nikola Tesla channeled his work from ET’s?

Do you believe Nikola Tesla had access to information from higher dimensions?  Could he possibly have been channeling his work and was indeed guided by higher unseen forces?

In my book, “Accidental Truth – A Vortex Through Time”, Aurora Knightley travels back in time through a swirling rainbow vortex – a wormhole – guided by her Spirit Guide, Ravi, to a time when she was Nikola Tesla.

Here is an excerpt from the book:


After decoding three sets of numbers, I reach the conclusion that the code is useless for deciphering the numbers’ significance.

“What do these numbers mean?” I say to myself. Incredibly, a response enters my headspace. A voice I have never heard before.

They are not numbers, Nikola, they are Frequencies.

My incredulity is short-lived. The source of this otherworldly voice is unimportant for the moment. As a scientist, I must have an explanation for the information it imparts.

“Frequencies of what?”

Frequencies to the secret and the truth of the universe.

“Frequencies to the secret and the truth of the universe?” I echo, a note of skepticism evident in my voice.

Yes. You hold all the information within you. You study energy. You work with it every day and conduct experiments and construct inventions. You do as we ask you to do. Now we are asking you to activate these Frequencies. Tell the world. Let the world know that there is a secret to the universe and why humans are here. You must study these Frequencies and let the world know the truth.

I find myself growing angry. “‘You do as we ask you to do’? I am not your pawn! Who are you?”

Yes, Nikola. You have not been alone in your experimentations. You have simply been unable, until now, to distinguish this voice from your own thoughts. We have given you all the information for your work. We can feel you, dear Nikola. The feelings you were experiencing were indeed symbolic of you bearing witness to something miraculous. Now it is time for the final test. It has all culminated at this point in your life. Tell the truth. Before it’s too late.

As an empirical scientist, my work is based on verifiable observation and experience. And now I am being told by a disembodied voice that, all these years, I’ve had a host of invisible collaborators, guiding my hand! It’s mind-boggling. Yet, what good is a mind that is not open to new ideas?

“I would know more of this … final test of which you speak.”

Your mission is simple, dear Nikola—to learn the truth of these frequencies and tell the world of their meaning. That is all.

“I don’t understand. Are you telling me that frequencies have meaning?” I’m painfully aware of sounding like a dullard in the presence of this omniscient entity.

Everything is conscious. Everything is energy. You know this. Why would it be any different for frequencies? You were born on the stroke of midnight during a tremendous thunderstorm. It was your arrival party, so to speak. The universe was welcoming you—your energy—in the only way you would understand. It was a sign for you. You wrote the sign yourself before you entered human form. You wrote the sign because your mission this time was to become the Wizard of Electricity. You wanted to master all there was to know about energy, and what better energy form is there than mighty lightning!

I collapse to my knees. This voice has articulated concepts I’ve long felt deep in my soul but lacked the words to express. All the pieces of the puzzle are falling into place. Every experiment, every situation, every person I have met, all culminating at this point. The reason for my existence. The very purpose of my being. Here! Now! Tears begin trickling down my face. I knew it. I knew I was here for something monumental. I just thought it was to be the greatest inventor that ever lived, but oddly enough, that thought was never fulfilling enough for me. I felt it was for a greater purpose, but I struggled with what that purpose could possibly be! And I knew beyond the shadow of a doubt that I was connecting, through my experiments, with a higher source of intelligence.

Looking skyward, I rise to my feet, wiping away my tears. I take several deep breaths and feel a familiar sensation engulfing me. Waves of swirling warmth surge through my whole body, beginning at the base of my spine and, like a tornado, make their way up to the top of my head, then reversing their course and exiting through my feet. It’s all-consuming and takes my breath away. There is nothing I can do but stand still and absorb it. What an exhilarating sensation!

Harnessing the energy just given to me, I am keen to ask more questions.

“The numbers are frequencies? Frequencies of what? What do the frequencies relate to?”

You just felt it. You just experienced the miraculous vibrational frequency of love. Pure, unconditional love.

“Those waves of swirls? That is what unconditional love feels like?”

Yes. Love and Healing Frequencies. Truth is hidden within these frequencies. We sent you a scale. We had to be able to send you these frequencies in the form of numbers. The only way you could receive them was through your receiver. First, we had you build the oscillator, then kept sending you the signals until you noticed the patterns and eventually concluded the patterns were numbers. We have been watching you the whole time. We told you to go outside to witness the shooting star and in that moment of awe-inspiring majesty, you came back inside refreshed, with a new perspective and fresh insight, and you saw the pattern immediately. You worked it out very quickly, dear Nikola. We are very impressed with you.

“You did all that? Amazing! So how is the truth and secret of the universe contained within these frequencies? And why is there a scale of frequencies? For Love and Healing, you say?”

“You have many questions. They shall be answered, all in good time. You must show patience, dear Nikola.

“Who is this we you speak of?”

You may think of us as the Universal Energy Collective.”

“The Universal Energy Collective? Fascinating. And … who are you?”

“My name is Ravi. I am your spirit guide.

Upon hearing Ravi’s name, I tell myself to wake up.


Much information is currently coming to light about the brilliance of Nikola Tesla, and of his work and patents which were suppressed by the “Powers That Be” on free energy and wireless communication.  What if the work Nikola was doing was in order to save humanity from the control and manipulation that the dark Elite had over the planet, and he was killed for the information he was releasing?

There is also information regarding Tesla’s connections with the planet Venus. It is my belief that we have indeed had incarnations on many planets, and that Tesla did have galactic connections with many planets.

Grab a copy of “Accidental Truth – A Vortex Through Time” and make up your own mind.

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