June 18, 2024



Energy Update. 17 May, 2022
“Take heart in knowing the best is yet to come.”
The more we enforce through our thoughts… by focusing and paying attention to the higher vibrational things/moments/situations occurring in our reality… the quicker we shift timelines. We are teetering on the edge. Every new now moment is filled with miracles and an abundance of joy, peace and contentment.
Place your awareness on the victories being claimed by yourself…no matter how small… and by humanity around the world and take time out to celebrate and rejoice as the unfolding of the distorted reality we live in comes to light. It’s this awareness that sends your acknowledgement and appreciation to the Universe and allows for deeper integration and momentum to occur. A “nod” to the Universe. Recognition of your co-creation.
As we individually peel back the layers and expose our core wounds for healing and releasing, so too are the core wounds of humanity manifesting in real time and coming to light, to be reconised as truth. Our internal focus of forgiveness reveals the purity and untainted love which had been kept hidden. That which we are. The heart of one.
Nothing to do but love.
Peace x
Energy Update. 13 May, 2022
“Everything is changing.”
Zero doubt about this. The details. It’s in the little things. One by one, notice, become aware of changes to every facet of your life. Observe the world around you and the things that are shown to you, to be seemingly small, but when they all add up, pretty soon we have a whole new way of doing things and existing. Systems are changing. They won’t collapse, they will transform. New bosses. New products. New laws and regulations. All geared towards 5D principles. Freedom. Truth. Sovereignty. I am seeing the signs. They are aplenty now.
For those with eyes to see and ears to hear.
Our energy is creating this shift as we align with Mother Gaia as there is no separation.
Peace x
Energy Update. 1 May, 2022
“Nothing to do but love.”
You may need to recite these words over and over to yourself during the next few days as these Crazy Ass Fuck full moon eclipse energies thrust one into new timelines. Periods of vertigo. Nausea. Blurred vision. Bouts of grief. Shame. Unworthiness. Buried deep brought forth with tears from nowhere.
Happening concurrently is this feeling I am bursting at the seams with love. Fueled by creative energies that are off the charts. My soul screeching forward as my heart expands further. Almost like I have a harsh wind at my back. It is this will to move forward that will move you smoothly with ease and grace. Resist and pay the price as all will fall around you as we are here on a mission. And that mission is to hold the vision. Hold it firm. To our last breath. The vision for the future of humanity.
It is very close. The shift. With every new day I feel as if I have entered a new earth. A higher plane of existence. As I expand inside, all I see outside is breathtaking beauty. In these viewing moments of pleasure I am one with God. Seeing through his eyes. How all God wishes for is for you to connect. Become closer. Become so close there is no separation.
The older I get, the more I see my parent’s eyes staring back at me in the mirror. This is how God sees his children. This is how we are to see ourselves when we look at a sunrise. Or the perfect wave. Or a luscious meal. Or the smile on a child. Or a puppy rolling in the dirt. It’s all the same. It’s all one.
And we are all in that one.
It’s all us.
So…moving forward. One breath at a time at this point. Resting between insane bursts of energy.
Nothing to do but love, remember.
Nothing to do but love.
Peace x
Energy Update. 30 April, 2022
“What is hidden will be revealed.”
Your mind will want to send you on detours.
Get your hands dirty.
Make you explore to the very bottom to find that which you seek.
When all along it was right in front of you.
And all you had to do was drop all reasoning of where you thought you needed to look.
Go back to the beginning.
And look again. And there. In plain sight. It was there all along. Just waiting patiently.
For you to discover. With different eyes. Different perspective. Open to all possibilities.
And even amongst all the camouflage. It will stand out. As truth always does.
When looked upon with an open mind. And removing all blockages and obstacles.
Calling your name.
Come find me.
Peace x