May 19, 2024


Love is all there is…

And she just quietly walked away from her life.
From all she knew and all she loved.
Knowing there was no use in arguing, defending, begging.
The change couldn’t be seen from the outside.
Those who knew her didn’t notice.
And it wasn’t even her mind that changed so much.
But a broken-down, beaten-up heart that decided to put down the weapons of destruction, that only she had put there.
And surrendered to the art of loving her Godself within.
Something she needed more practice with.
And what couldn’t be done in the old.
So she created anew.
And that soggy wasted land between her chest began to rumble and shake.
And a gasp of breath was awoken from the abyss within.
Smokey haze turned into lapping flames.
She had cast her life vest of drama and trauma to the wolves and put on her backpack of dreams with her face to the angels.
And marched on.
Into eternity.
Peace x