June 18, 2024


Singularity. Message from the Universal Energy Collective.

Because we’ve been living in a world of duality and polarity, we’ve needed an external source to be able to show us those different sides, not necessarily of ourselves, but of humanity as a whole. Singularity, coming to the point of zero point creation for all, we’re going to not only see the ending of the illusionary NPC’s, so there’ll be less people on the streets, but that we’ll become so detached from the external, so that we BECOME the singularity. We find everything that we needed via that external polarity or duality – we are able to neutralize everything that we see, instantly, in a flash, so our processor – the way that we go about looking at things and translating and receiving information has changed – to one whereby we used to look out, and now we’re looking in.
So that feeling of being shunned or isolated from the external world – even from close family – we are all on such a different frequency to everybody. So before, when we needed the external, the external was like we were pulling the magnet in, the attraction of what we wanted in, from that external, but now, we’ve reversed it to us repelling the external, and we want to create from within. So that’s singularity in its simplest form. We’re going to feel absolutely alone, and we’re going to have to be okay with that, and when we’re okay with that, suddenly everyone is together. But it’s a collective vibrational frequency-based timeline, but we will go in our teams. When everyone is ready. And we are the first. We have nothing to fear. It’s all guided, coded, mission-based and it’s done. We’ve just got to enjoy every day, because it’s going to change. In the blink of an eye.
The minute everybody gets on board, it happens.
Nothing to do but love.
Peace. x