July 3, 2022


Do you believe…Pyramids hold hidden codes to awaken humanity?

Could there be more than meets the eye with these magnificent, perfectly symmetrical monuments, and the hieroglyphics decorating the walls more than the mere language of the Egyptians at the time? Are they more than structures of beauty?

What if there was hidden meaning – not only in their placement around the globe – but also that they are holders of information contained deep within their chambers that have been suppressed by the ‘Powers That Be’? What if this information was unlocked and exposed? Codes of Wisdom on the true power humans hold within them allowing humanity to awaken and rise, and free them from corruption, manipulation and control of these ‘Powers That Be’?

In my book, “Accidental Truth – A Vortex Through Time”, Aurora Knightley, guided by her Spirit Guide, Ravi, travels back through time via a swirling rainbow vortex – a wormhole – to when she was a Professor of Egyptology at Harvard University. Here is an excerpt:

“Ravi told me that every past life I viewed in the vortex was specifically written by me because they contained a clue in each one.” I flick to the beginning of my notepad. “So, for Professor McIndoe. He found papyrus sheets describing the five symbols used to open the gates of wisdom to the land of the awakened. He was killed because of this discovery. It obviously couldn’t be exposed to the world. But how can symbols be used to open the gates of wisdom? And why did he freak out when he found them? What was that blue light that made the professor so violently ill?”

I sit for a moment, close my eyes and take a few deep breaths. A tingling sensation begins at the base of my neck. The once blocked area to receive information opens and sends a flood of information to my third eye. Immediately, I am placed back in the chamber, and begin uttering the words, “Suppressed learnings and scriptures on how to enter the kingdom of heaven within.” My mind flicks back to something Ravi said in one of our very first conversations in the hospital: “The keys to the kingdom of heaven lie within all of us – and you are here to discover how to access them.”

Anyone interested in the Great Pyramids of Giza is aware of the excavation of King Tutankhamun’s tomb and the consequential deaths supposedly related to a ‘curse’ being placed on all those who entered the tomb. Could this have been some kind of warning for those that followed British archaeologist Howard Carter? And how does the glowing blue light figure into the equation?

Right next to the three majestic pyramids is the limestone statue of the mythical creature with the body of a lion and the head of a human, ‘The Sphinx’. Do you believe this has any significance concerning the pyramids or is it just another awe-inspiring piece of art?

Grab a copy of “Accidental Truth – A Vortex Through Time” and find out!

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