July 3, 2022


Do you believe…Vortexes are doorways to other dimensions?

Do you believe it’s possible to travel through time to past lives you have had, or have you ever time-jumped into the future?

Have you had any experiences with time traveling or adventures in other dimensions via vortexes/wormholes?  Have these experiences happened while meditating, or perhaps during your deep sleep?  There are many accounts of people accessing a rainbow vortex while under the influence of ayahuasca and guided by a Shaman, and also with the aid of past life regressionists or during Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy (QHHT).

I would love to hear about your experiences.  What did you learn about yourself or the universe?

In my book, “Accidental Truth – A Vortex Through Time”, Aurora Knightley travels back in time through a swirling rainbow vortex, guided by her Spirit Guide, Ravi, to find clues from a select few of her past lives to solve a puzzle that will save the world from imminent darkness.

Here is an excerpt from the book:


The beauty of what floats in front of me cannot be put into words. Swirling luminescent colors of the spectrum blend effortlessly into one another. The energy feels weightless and light. There isn’t a care in the world in this place. Such love and beauty emanate from this hypnotic vortex, it’s as if I’m being given a warm hug from an angel.

I stare in awe for a minute, taking it all in. I examine each layer of color in detail. It’s utterly breathtaking. I’m keen to get back in and see what other marvels it holds. I know what the violet hue contains: me, in my life now as Aurora Knightley—the artist.

Without warning, the voice I’d heard before starts speaking.

“This is a wormhole. It joins two points in the space-time continuum.”

I’m able to think very clearly and concisely within this space, as a spectator of this stunning vision before me; the effects of the morphine and my gradually improving slur are not evident here. The clarity I have is first-rate. So, I’m seeing myself as Aurora in another time in space.

The voice speaks again.

“There is no time in space. Both of you are living at the same time, in different dimensions. This wormhole is a portal to other dimensions. Dimensions are levels of consciousness that vibrate at varying resonance of frequency. The higher you vibrate, the more dimensions you can experience consciously, enabling you to access the information coming from those higher planes.”

This is unbelievable. Other dimensions? Levels of consciousness? The higher I vibrate? What does that even mean? This seems like science fiction stuff—a storyline from Star Trek.

“Consciousness is the awareness or perception of something. The more connected one is to Prime Creator, the higher the level of consciousness and awareness to the truth and in alignment with the seven elements of Divine Consciousness—which are joy, happiness, creativity, abundance, freedom, peace, and, of course, love.”

Wow, this is a lot of information to take in. “I think I understand. This terminology is all very new to me.”

“I understand, dear one. Believe me when I say you will understand everything when the time is right. Go back into the vortex. Everything will make sense to you. Go into the indigo now.”


How would you feel if you came face to face with a wormhole and able to access information from your past lives? Would you have the courage to enter?

Grab a copy of “Accidental Truth – A Vortex Through Time” and discover what Aurora Knightley learned in her vortex.

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