July 3, 2022


Do you believe…Our past lives hold clues to truths in our present life?

Could it be possible that we are here holding trauma, beliefs, programs and hidden truths from our many thousand past incarnations within in this current incarnation to be revealed, cleared and healed once and for all?
Is there a certain situation/scenario that keeps presenting itself no matter how many times you go within, seek counselling, do the shadow work to heal?
Many people recount their experiences with Shaman and Past Life Regression Therapists who have transformed their lives by revealing and shedding light on traumas from a past life and healed them from say, certain phobias or physical ailments, almost instantaneously.
Have you had any experiences with these forms of treatments? I would love to hear all about them.
Together we can piece together the puzzle of this thing we call life and why we are here, by sharing our stories and communicating our own truths.
In my book, “Accidental Truth – A Vortex Through Time”, Aurora Knightley travels back in time through a swirling rainbow vortex, guided by her Spirit Guide, Ravi, to find clues from a select few of her past lives to solve a puzzle that will save the world from imminent darkness. In this excerpt from the book, Aurora has just returned from one of her past lives and is discussing with Ravi what it all means.

Here is an excerpt from the book:


Hearing Ravi’s soulful words causes me to break down and embrace what I am feeling. “I can’t breathe. My heart hurts.” My eyes well up; a steady stream of salty tears soak my pillow.

“Yes, dear. I can feel you. You have the weight of the world on your shoulders. Let me tell you that our Creator never gives you more than you can handle. You can do this. Focus on your breathing. Focus on the here and now. Everything is going to be alright, dear angel. You have the ability within you. You have the power. The answers you seek are within. You are very close. Do not give up hope. Never give up.”

I blow my nose with a tissue and wipe away my tears. My breathing has steadied. Ravi’s soothing voice and calm, rational thinking somewhat eases my troubled mind.

“Why is everything so hard, Ravi? Why are people so cruel? How did we get to this place in our evolution where these things have been allowed to happen? None of it makes any sense to me. There was absolutely no need for Tobias or Ursula to die, and so violently, at the hands of their so-called fellow man.”

My grief quickly turns to anger and determination to seek justice. No one deserves to be treated this way! Not when all I’m trying to do is good! Anger rises within me, replacing the desperation and sense of despair.

“What the hell is going on?”

“I understand why you are feeling this way. You are peeling back the layers of your very being, and in doing so you’ve uncovered some very nasty truths about the world and its imperfect operation. Those who are supposed to protect you and nurture you are the ones harming you. That is why you must fight. You must continue. The history of the universe is very complex and goes back billions of years. Not all the beings in all the dimensions are good. Some are evil. They absorb the life energy from other living beings, as they are unable to generate enough life force for themselves. They are not happy about this fact, so their intention is to bring about suffering, as they are suffering themselves.

“There is a process one must go through when awakening. It is referred to as the Dark Night of the Soul, and you are experiencing this now, when everything you ever thought to be right and true, is revealed to be false! Hence the term ‘awakening.’ The veils of illusion are lifted, and you wake up to the reality of what is really going on. It plunges one into the depths of depression, as the very foundations of all your beliefs are shattered. Many lose close friends and family during this time, as awakening uncovers humans’ darkest traits. Often one wakes up after the Dark Night of the Soul with very few people, if any, to turn to. It is a process that must be made alone; it is an opportunity to release any emotional blockages and make one question their beliefs. To examine every situation and every encounter that ever occurred. In that stillness one ignites the connection to the higher realms; the journey begins to become one with self, and therefore one with all beings and our Prime Creator. Everyone who awakens goes through this process, in accordance with their soul contract and awakening triggers.

“It has to be this way. It has to be so earth-shattering as to make a difference. One must be driven to this extreme for the light to be cast on the situation. You know the sun always shines brighter after a storm. Awakening contains a similar beauty. When you awaken from the proverbial storm, and the veil of illusion is lifted, you achieve a higher level of consciousness and begin vibrating at a higher frequency, attracting all the positive soul family members—those who are awakening alongside you. Be brave, dear child. Pick yourself up and get on with what you know you must do. Think about it. What has really happened since this morning to make you succumb to this fear and anxiety? You have discovered some things that happened in the past. These things can only affect you if you let them. They have no bearing on the now! You have more fuel added to the fire, to do what you came here to do. Use it as inspiration and motivation. Stand up for yourself and fight for what you believe is right. Move away from victim mode and into victory mode.

“Whenever someone is trying to do something of any significance, there will always be challenges and obstacles placed in the way. It’s the universe’s way of testing one’s resolve. How badly do you want to rid the world of darkness and restore it to the land of the awakened—the land of light? The land of love? GOOD WILL ALWAYS PREVAIL! Do you recall Ursula saying this to Tobias after the family left? And even when flames were lapping at your feet when you were tied to the stake, you chanted this to yourself.”

This memory flashback causes me to stop whimpering. What a revelation! I sit up, straighten my back and prop myself up against the pillows. I drink some water and take some deep breaths.

“Gosh. Yes, I do! That passed me right by. Thank you for bringing it to my attention. Gee, it’s no wonder I made that my Life’s Creed, and why it came so naturally to me. Thank you, Ravi. All you are saying is right. You are always right!”

I laugh a little. Laughing eases the pain a little. This is what I needed to hear. Yes, good will always prevail. I know this in my heart. I cannot let all the persecution from hundreds of years ago affect me. I need to keep going until I have the answers. I think about the information that I have so far. I have the Love and Healing Frequencies. I have no idea what to do with them, but I didn’t even know they existed until now, so I will go back into the vortex and find out more.


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