May 19, 2024


2022 Energy Report For Lightworkers

Recently I received a download via a piercing ring in the ear, which at the time I knew was important and so I waited for the information to integrate and be translated through whichever means it saw fit.
Finally it came, after a magnificent ocean swim. You could’ve mistaken the scene to come from a deserted island movie with two lovers frolicking and rolling around on the shore. You know the one. Minus the lovers lol.
So I come home and have my afternoon siesta, as is my want, dozing off to a movie, and I am awoken with a gasp at the part in the movie where the main character is struck with compassion for a mother and daughter’s plight, and so she rallies all her friends and they support this mother and daughter through their ordeal.
My heart was overcome with sadness, and even though I have seen this movie many, many times, it was this part I awoke to, and this part that, for the first time, struck me so deeply. I was moved to tears. Then “they”… my Arcturian soul family, jolted me up and began this transmission.
We are all soul tired. Waiting to do what it is we came here to do…for the future of humanity. That need to help that we have largely been denied and persecuted for, the compassion in our hearts weighs heavily and the need to direct this energy on a grand scale has become overwhelming for some.
Up until now we’ve been happy holding the light, healing our deepest inner wounds and going about creating our ideal Utopian lives outside of the matrix, where possible, and become the beacons of light and hope as examples of sovereign beings and leaders of the New Earth.
But now we’ve come to the point where we’re beyond ready.
Ready to shift.
Ready to move.
Ready to help humanity heal as a whole.
Our deepest core Ascension mission codes have been unlocked, and our yearning for all of humanity to experience life how we know it was meant to be lived, has reached culmination point.
That means the Collective is about to pop as the critical mass of Lightworkers, and others (Starseeds, Walk-ins, children) that have arrived for the next “transfer phase” they call it, of that which we hold inside us to spark now and activate, one by one, those we didn’t dream could be awakened.
Why are we able to do this now?
When all previous efforts have failed, and we stopped trying for want of too many headbashings against too many walls?
The need now to shift is so intense there is no other way.
So, we love like we have never loved before, ALL those that enter our reality, for they are ready, and they have received the knowing codes that we ALL have previously received and remembered, and imprinted them firmly into humanity’s future Collective timeline.
That soul – tired as all fuck I mentioned before – is about to receive a miraculous burst of energy along with these newbies awakening as we all shift together and Lightworkers are propelled higher to receive the great numbers of those following our light. To light the way.
Whatever you wish to call it, it is upon us, and just like that, with a transition of grace and ease, as we wished, so it is, we become one in the higher realms and humanity takes it place amongst its Galactic brothers and sisters, forging new timelines never ventured, and paving the way for peace and abundance for all.
End of transmission.
So waddya say? Are we ready Freddy? For the next phase?
Hearts ready!
Souls set!
Let’s go!
Peace x