May 19, 2024



Energy Update. 25th April, 2022.
“Trust in your power.”
It’s claiming time. This is VERY clear now.
Yes, it’s all about energy, but the Arcturians want you to know it’s actually more about power. Your power. Our power. The illusion of power. The delusion of power.
We are being shown very clearly now where our powers lie. Where we were right with our intuition and where we made changes and claimed our power back.
And where the opposite occurred.
A collage of pics emerge, movie-like, of past hurts, betrayals and deceptions, and anger has come up to be transmuted back to love and light.
But also highlighted is where I have claimed my power and seen evidence of its truth in my reality.
I am shown where things I had seen (through my knowing) to happen in the future have actually eventuated, in divine timing and so beautifully and effortlessly sewn together.
I am shown how small steps can lead you up the biggest mountain, and that it doesn’t have to be this HUGE deal, that you can go at your own pace and just cruise on up, checking out the view along the way.
And I am shown that none of it matters, except how you loved, along the way.
Therein lies your true power.
That’s the power of love.
You’ve got the power.
Claim it.
Nothing to do but love.
Peace x
Energy Update. 21st April, 2022.
“Re-doing You.”
How would it feel to have ever expansive time? To be able to do whatever you wanted, whenever you wanted, without being told you had to be somewhere or do something else. That you had an eternity to do what it was you so desperately yearned to do. To be so free as to be able to follow every instinct, every intuitive moment and every desired action through to full completion.
How would this feel?
What if you had another 100 years no one told you about, or more?
What would you begin, right now, if all the conditions were met for you to thrive and evolve?
These Aries energies are fueled with so much Newness, it’s hard for something to take hold before another something comes along in its place, vying for one’s attention.
What if you were able to do something just for the fun of it, with zero money reward attachment? What if you had enough time left now to completely re-do yourself. Create a brand new you. New wardrobe. New location. New vocation. New hobby. New haircut. New friends. And that you had a whole new life to live as this new you. What would you do? Who would you grow into overnight? This brand new you.
Nevermind what anybody else says. They’re all too busy re-doing themselves anyway and are happy for you to finally show yourself to the world in all your beauty and glory and full expression of all you are up to this point.
I can’t wait to see your new versions.
Pretty as a picture.
Nothing to do but love.
Peace x
Energy update. 6th April, 2022.
“Good will always prevail.”
Everything is being corrected.
Watch for evidence of things lost returning to you but in a different way…a way more aligned with your new way of being.
Embrace the NEW. It’s what you asked for, and indeed created.
To get you back to yourself.
Nothing to do but love.
Peace x
Energy Update. 27th March, 2022.
“Practice makes perfect.”
You don’t just become an expert straight away as the gifts and abilities you have awoken come online. All new skillsets and learnings take practice.
You may find yourself wishing to have experiences in new types of activities at this time. Seeds have been planted and they are starting to sprout.
For me, what is starting to show itself in my reality is linked to expansion of the mind, through the heart space, and seeing where I can go from there, with particular interest to lucid dreaming, manifesting and remaining as high a perspective as possible. Shifting from 3D to 5D in terms of thinking.
We never stop thinking, but it’s where these thoughts originate from that has shifted.
The once egoic mind has been put in its place, and the heart led mind wishes to take you on journeys unknown. To venture into the vastness of the ALL IS, and to find your place amongst its beauty and benevolence.
Having placed my interest and therefore my energy on learning and discovering more of this skillset, and it now coming from the heart and not the mind, I can be sure of its purity. Its truth. And I fully trust that as I explore these new divine gifts that I am fully supported, loved and guided.
Ask and ye shall receive.
What gifts or abilities have you become aware of, and how are you practicing them?
Are you ready to go where they’re leading you?
Soooo exciting. Loving you all through this extraordinary journey.
I AM with you all. As you expand, I expand.
We are one.
Peace x