June 18, 2024


Energy Update July 2022

July energy update


There’s a tightening…a honing…of soul families occurring right now. For focus on each individual soul family’s vision for New Earth.
There are approximately 2200 soul families.
All those no longer in alignment with each family’s vision will move towards the outer circle as the tightening of the inner circle occurs.
It’s not based on vibrational frequency resonance per say, but more to do with the vision each family holds for their New Earth.
All is well and all is as divinely designed.
Take no thing personally.
It is what it is.
Nothing to do but love.
Peace x


2nd July 2022
My legs are wearing jetpacks again. Sparks and surges of electricity particularly in the calves but also soles of feet. Tingling of toes and fingers as we upgrade yet again. Zoom zoom zooming around the house. Getting stuff done. And then crash. Rest. Repeat.
The recent higher heart chakra integration leaving us in a total state of “It is what it is” acceptance. And this has brought with it such relief. We did indeed pass a test and a subsequent initiation held. And oh the rewards. Financially. Emotionally. All experiencing it in our own ways. For me the energies supporting me in all ways to move forward with confidence. It’s my life and I’ll do it my way. Versus I AM eternal and none of it matters. It’s just a game.
Taking control vs full surrender.
Final polarity playing out.
When two extremes become aware of each other, the only place to meet is in the middle.
So here I AM. Stuck in the middle with you.
You are all the very best of me, my beautiful soul family.
Now…who wants cake? Mmmmm cake.
Meet you on the starboard bow. Stat!
Peace x


The momentum has reached lightning speed now as the 100th monkey has been activated within this simulation.
Prepare for a total flip of all things.
Nothing can stop what is coming.
I have always had the knowing but to see it and feel it upon us is beyond words.
So, you know the drill…
Nothing to do but love.
Peace x