February 1, 2023


Love heals everything

The sooner you realise you have played EVERY role, the sooner you can release any judgement over others, as ALL roles lead to expansion through the experience.
And every soul knows this on an innate level, and the feelings of resistance one may have toward a situation/place/person is merely an indicator of your human self being out of alignment with how your soul feels about it/them.
The higher you go in vibrational frequency, the more clarity one receives, and hence the more blurry it looks down below, and you will feel less inclined to engage in all lower vibrational energies.
Today I AM paying homage to all the roles I AM currently playing on all timelines and all dimensions, as it is all happening NOW, and in this knowing, this aided expansion through awareness, I AM choosing peace. I AM choosing love. I AM choosing joy. Because it just feels better.
And it’s what we’re good at. Amongst a million other things.
But love is the greatest of them all.
Love heals everything.
Peace x