July 24, 2024



Is the rockpool separate from the ocean?
Humanity right now is the rockpool.
And only a few droplets know of its connection to the ocean.
How do those that know, let the other droplets know?
They shine the reflection of the sun so bright
All the droplets not only see
But are activated
To receive the knowing
Encoded within the light
They feel the warmth and one by one
As each droplet recognises itself in the shining ones
It takes on a golden glow
Looks skyward and praises the glory of the ALL IS
And its connection to the ocean now surges through it.
Such life thrives in this rockpool.
Such love permeates all the beings that inhabit its shore.
A place of magic and wonder.
All the droplets shon their unique brilliance.
And then a great wave came and the rockpool was no more.
Peace x