July 24, 2024


Energy Update 1st March 2024

Autumn in Southern Hemisphere
Spring in Northern Hemisphere
“CH CH CH CHANGES…..Turn and face the change.”
Changes will reflect the work you have done for the past 3 months.
For those that have worked on resolving issues, clearing past traumas and decided to take control of their lives, you will be walking through open doors of change.
Open fields await you.
Obstacles and blockages fading into the nothingness they always were.
Those who have had trouble with moving forward in the past few months or have experienced issues that seem to continue no matter what you do, will see things from a new perspective, thanks to the incoming higher frequency energies, enabling you to see through the issues and move forward with grace and ease.
So no matter where you are at in your soul journey, as we are all on different paths and different levels of frequency, expect to see miracles and blessings in the coming weeks as the whole world will experience a collective shift.
You are able to accelerate your frequency rise with your thoughts.
Expect to see things clearing and continue on with the way you wish for your life to look like, even if you are unable to do so physically.
See it in your mind’s eye. Your perception.
See it in your heart. Your reflection.
Know it is possible to live your destiny.
It’s in your blueprint.
It’s the way God designed you.
You are supported.
Protected and guided.
There is nothing outside of you that holds any power over you.
The path to enLIGHTenment is the path to the knowing of who you are as soul, and what your human self… your vessel holding your consciousness… came to experience, and learn from.
So as usual, there is
Nothing to do but love
Your self.
And watch your whole world change.
Peace x