July 24, 2024


Arcturian Channelling – Pathway of the Lightworker

Arcturian channelling
(please refer to pic for guidance but it’s purely representational of the concept. Go with it.)
“Pathway of the Lightworker”
Lightworkers delve into 5D to feel the energies – to try them on for size, to feel the synchronicities, the flow, see the signs and feel the bliss. Each time we get to stay longer in this high vibrational state for expansion of awareness and knowing and trust. Belief in a higher power and in your power and everything is so smooth and graceful and all interactions are beautiful and can catch you off guard if you’re not used to being treated with love and compassion and respect. Then we go back to 3D/4D and bring the higher frequency energies back with us to share around like a ripple effect, and each time we try to stay as close as possible to those 5D vibrational energies. At some point we get worn down by the dense energy of 3D/4D and we need to go internally and shift ourselves. This can take as long as it takes. It’s the desire – the knowing connection of what you know to be your true existence because you felt it once before and now you feel you have this pull – this will – to feel that which you have lost being back in 3D/4D vibrational energy again. The 5D energies become like a drug. You become addicted to the feeling of unconditional love and of being free and sovereign. It takes your breath away and like the kundalini awakening, once you experience it, you will do whatever it takes to get back there. So you do the work and you go higher and you connect again, and each time you go octaves higher than last time, and each time you drop, you drop a little bit higher than last time, as you brought up the frequency of that 3D/4D timeline each time. We do this over and over. Those contracted to do so will come up with you. Some will drop out of your frequency, it’s all contracts and agreements. Take nothing personally. We swing back and forth like a teeter totter – energies swing back and forth – or up and down as is the case – each time going higher and building momentum. So the faster you can remember the feeling of 5D when in a lower vibe state 3D/4D, the more you trust in getting back up there. You have seen the pattern repeat itself. Over and over. Up. Down. Up. Down. So with this awareness – this knowing – you have trust and faith in the universe – in your being provided for and your constant protection and guidance – because you are still here. You exist. Your vibration speaks for itself. It’s all a matter of perception. All of it. Where you’re at. Truth is – You’re still in the game. You’re a valid player. How do you choose to see? Through which set of lenses? The higher self guides you to see through higher eye-set. It’s a lot easier to go with the flow in full surrender once you can see the bigger perspective, become aware of cycles, and have trust in yourself and the universe (God source energy). At some point, all of the collective contracted to do so will begin to experience the joy and bliss of the 5D vibrational energies and humanity will flourish once more.
End of transmission.
Peace x