July 24, 2024


Arcturian Channelling for Lightworkers May 2022

You are not alone.
You are the lone wolf surging forward and paving the way for the rest of the pack, who rely on you and look to you for guidance to show them the way back home.
You are not the black sheep of the family.
You are the golden child sent to heal the ancestral woundings and end the programs and cycles within your bloodline.
You are not crazy.
You are the brave, courageous warrior who dared to venture beyond all limiting boundaries into the mystery of life and all it contains, opening yourself up to a myriad of experiences and a world of expansion for your soul.
You are not your race, sex, weight, height, eye colour.
You are the divine mosaic of pure Godlight expressing itself as a human being for a very limited time within an infinite universe, all of which, is inside you.
You are not dumb, worthless, hopeless or stupid.
You are a powerful creator-being, full of innate gifts and abilities that are currently being unlocked and coming online for you to access and become the truly superhuman specimen you are.
You are not damaged, broken or in need of being fixed.
You are bringing back into alignment all that you are in its purest expression of God Source Energy, and in this process, revealing all that you are not for transmuting back to love and light.
We have been brainwashed, lied to, deceived, misinformed of who we are and all we have to offer humanity, and it’s time to rewrite the destructive way we think about ourselves and talk to ourselves, and begin openly sharing ways in which we can build ourselves back up, one brick of love at a time. Next to a brick of compassion, and empathy, and joy, and creativity, and abundance, and freedom, and before we know it, we have built a glorious castle in the sky. One built on solid foundations, ready to house humanity for the rest of time, and surrounded by all that Mother Gaia provides, living in harmony and bliss. As one.
As is God’s will.
Thy will be done.
Peace x