June 18, 2024


Message from the Universal Energy Collective

Leaders of the New Earth are visionaries, oracles, and seers – able to see possibilities and create new timelines from a higher perspective, not previously imagined before. Leaders are encoded with powerful lights of truth. These lights of truth spread their awareness of the higher dimensional ways of existence, and in embodying these ways of existence, these principles – these higher truths – they emulate these codes, spreading them far and wide for acceptance of resonance by all those contracted. Leaders may also be termed seeders of truth. The real truth. Not the false truth. When the truth comes to light all will make sense. Parts of the puzzle magically unite in a divinely meshed sequence of unfolding that immediately follows. Once these previously hidden truths are luminated and activated, they light up all that surrounds them – shedding light on even the darkest of truths. For leaders, seeders, one must have personally experienced these densest energies to be able to embody them and transmute them back into love and light. Each new truth seeded lights up a node within the quantum structure, lighting the path forward for expansion into brand new frontiers.
The seed’s journey is to search for light – for the source of its growth. Zero light equals inevitable death. All organisms inherently know this. It’s in their genetic coding. To reach for the light. Do whatever it has to do to survive and thrive, even hitchhike onto other lifeforms to get there. So if you switch this around, from the darkness’s perspective, in order for them to survive, as they are unable to create their own light – they must also seek out the light for survival. Light equals immortality. If the light goes out – this is the death of the spirit and it returns to Source Energy.
One must innerstand about being able to see both sides – both perspectives of any subject, no matter how perceivably bad, in order to bring that neutrality into the 5D Quantum Structure.
This is the Year of Retribution and Vindication – pendulum swinging to good/positive experiences. Running concurrently with Year of Validation – control vs sovereignty. Both sides of the same stick, fighting for existence. Validity of existence.
There are so many changes occurring on micro and macro levels that the only way forward is for self-stabilisation within the heart Self, sitting calmly in Source Energy’s love and comfort.
This place was made just for you to thrive and survive. So smile and love. You’ve earned it.
End transmission.
Peace x