July 24, 2024


Energy Update Mid January 2024

Feeling deeply the separation that has occurred throughout the Ages and the traumas held within the Collective.
Humanity has no idea as they go on their merry way, what is about to unfold for them, and they are in no way prepared for the upheaval to come.
There is so much love to be received, shared and rejoiced over, yet it all seems so far away.
Humanity knows something is up. The way the world looks is not in alignment with the truth of who they know they really are, as a species, yet they have no foresight as to how they will get from where they’re at, to where they want to be.
Those awakened have already been through the toughest of challenges and tests designed purely to prepare them for the leadership roles to come.
Within every community, there are going to be huge gaps in major roles and those that feel guided will soon be called to step up, and into, those roles.
This is the time we have all lived for.
Everything up until now was kindergarten, and now it’s time to put on those big boy and girl pants, roll up those sleeves, and get to work rebuilding a planet and a civilisation, lost in the absence of direction, faith and love.
Those who will hear the call to lead humanity are supported on every higher energetic level. Within all realms, they have been watching and waiting for this prophesied time to come to pass, patiently preparing you with all the skills and attributes needed, for when your real work begins.
And that time is not far off.
Many have remained in limbo for the past few years, not knowing where is their place in this life.
Feeling with no direction.
No purpose.
Not even a place to call their own.
Moving from couch to room to floor. From state to state. Country to country.
Alone. With no one to love. Not even a pet.
Seemingly abandoned by all, including family.
But nothing could be further from the truth, for you now have developed such a depth of compassion and empathy and love for yourself, that this was the very framework required for what is going to be asked of you, very soon.
To harness that compassion, empathy, and love, and spread it far and wide, creating the most beautiful net from all corners of the world which has been instrumental in raising the vibration of the whole Collective.
We are placed all over the world.
We ARE the Quantum Structure.
We ARE the New Earth.
And the strength of each’s love is holding together whole communities.
So when you think you are not doing anything of importance, because you are on your lonesome, just know, your team of ancestors and angelic and galactic guides have been holding you so tightly, knowing what is to come, and the role you are playing for the advancement of a planet and all its inhabitants.
So hold tight onto your sense of self worth just a little bit longer, because soon the whole cosmos is going to be celebrating your love and what we have achieved, one by one, alone. Together. We are one.
Deep breaths. We got this.
Peace x
Photo credit Nicholas Vizintin