July 24, 2024


Latter Stage of Awakening for the Lightworker – Physical body balance – then nothing but light

Because Lightworkers come in as the light with higher vibrations, they have to be put in, and programmed with “darkness”.
You are of the light, and the physical body requires darkness to be balanced, so you must take on darkness. This feels so out of alignment with your natural state of being, that you must work to get rid of it – transmute it into a form you feel comfortable with, and that is light.
So you bring love to it, shine light upon it and reveal it for the falseness it is, exposing it. And say, “No, that’s not how God feels about it, so it’s false”. Then you take the power that you got from this knowing of truth – this darkness being false – and you harness that power for good and for the light.
This is how amazingly powerful the work you do is. You choose to come in and take on other people’s crap for your own spiritual evolution and gain, and while you do that, you are healing all those that you transmute the darkness through. You are healing that darkness held within the Collective Consciousness.
That’s why it feels so uncomfortable because you’re constantly transmuting darkness. When it gets to perfect balance, and then it swings to more light, because that’s your natural state of being, and you’ve transmuted it, then you become out of balance, and you have to get more darkness to balance that up.
Humanity is ascending, which means it needs to rid itself of all lower vibrations. It’s about getting to as much light as possible, and no darkness. It is not about balance anymore, but it’s about becoming light.
So when you come to full balance within the human body – equal dark and light, and you’ve done this for however long you’re contracted to do so, there’s a point where you’re done fighting the darkness, and the goal then, the mission – the work – changes, and shifts from doing external balance work to internally shifting that final programmed darkness out of you, and you won’t want to engage with anything negative. Anything that brings drama will grate on you like nails down a chalkboard. You want to become pure, a clear vessel for good. So you have to recognize the evil, the darkness within you, come to terms with that, come to balance with that, and then decide no more. You don’t have to have the bad with the good – it’s no bad. No more. We’re going to a place of good – only positive experiences.
And that is why the Dark-to-Light Illuminati all talk about balance. It’s the inversion. They actually know that it’s the full pendulum swing to lightness, and at that zero point, they don’t exist. So they have a choice themselves – because there’s no darkness in Source. My God is a loving God. And although darkness was created through that loving God, for the Game of Separation, in essence, God is good. God had to create the polarity for the experience of the evolution of soul. And this is the roadmap to enlightenment.
In the beginning, there was light. And that is what we will become. BEACONS OF LIGHT.