July 24, 2024


We got this

Stay strong.
Stay calm.
Stay positive.
You are here for a reason.
To hold the light.
To keep the vibration of the planet and humanity high, and to raise it up further.
You don’t help by being negative. By complaining. By being skeptical.
You do it by inspiring. Motivating others. Helping out wherever possible.
Do whatever you can to raise your vibration.
We are here as one consciousness split into billions of souls.
That’s what a Collective Consciousness is!
If you are struggling, go within, or ask for help.
When you know about energy and you are what you think, you don’t dare be anything else but love.
These auspicious times will be as chaotic or as calm as you choose them to be, but by being anything else but positive, joyous and happy, is causing more harm to the Collective.
Be the light amongst the storm.
Just a gentle reminder.
I am always here for anyone who wants to chat.
Love is all there is.
Peace x