July 24, 2024



We are living in the greatest simulation of all time. The mind-controlled summer camp for humanity, which had been run by off-worlders desperate for what is inside all of us, is quickly coming to an end. It is the hidden knowledge within our DNA that has driven every war, every crusade, and every land grab. However, humanity became complacent and did not want to work for their holy grail. They preferred to sit back and be handed all the information of the ages without lifting a finger. Humanity decided it would rather be told things than learn for itself. This sent out a signal seeking an external savior, which was answered by a swarm “hive mind” entity – the devilish energy – promising to overdeliver on all of humanity’s desires. So, here we are. Summer camp is coming to a close, and humanity is going to have to go home and see what changes have been made in its absence. When you are not paying attention or not even caring, things can quickly get out of hand. Therefore, God’s ‘Army of Angels’ was called in to get humanity back on track for its ascension within a physical body, something that has never been done before. This mission rests on the shoulders of all humanity, not just the angels. The angels are doing their job simply by loving and existing. It is humanity that must step up now and take back control of its fate – its destiny. And how do they do that? By learning the rules of the game and how to harness their God-given powers, becoming the species they were designed to be: superhumans. Come inside. It’s a wild ride. Better buckle up because you are about to find out who you really are and what you are here to do.
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