June 18, 2024



In my latest book, BETWEEN WORLDS – INSIGHTS FROM A WARRIOR OF LIGHT, I discuss the Players in this Game of Life, and how they have been selectively chosen to empower you within your ascension to higher realms of Gameplay. I hope it sheds some light on innerstanding the toxic dynamic being played out for Humanity’s viewing pleasure, between the Devilish Narcissists and the Angelic Empaths, on an individual level (micro) and a world government level (macro).


Empath vs Narcissist

Heros vs Villains

Know yourself vs Know your opponent

World No. 1 details the Soul and prompts you to be solid and firm in your knowledge of who you are as Soul. World No. 2 details who and what you’ve set up for yourself to PLAY against.

This is a brief overview of how the narcissist/empath dynamic is playing out on a micro (individual level), and how it is echoed on a macro (world/government level), and how to take the highest perspective (God level), to every negative situation and turn it into a positive for your power and benefit. Take what you wish and apply it to your life.

These observations are so you can have a clear innerstanding of who and what we are dealing with. Humanity’s opponent – even though they aren’t aware they’re in a battle – is the Devilish energy – and the Angelic energy has come in to not only balance out and give humanity a fighting chance, but to slay the DRAGONS – the darkness – flipping the SCRIPT OF DECEIT, MANIPULATION and HOLDING HOSTAGE A WHOLE PLANET, and reverting it back to God’s Original Game for the Soul to advance to the higher realms of GamePLAY.

In a Game of polarities – the two extremes being PLAYed out is the Empath vs Narcissist dynamic. Every narcissist has an equal and opposite empath in blueprint. An empath feels, therefore the opposite extreme of that would be someone exhibiting an absence of feeling. Opposites attract – Universal Law. The contract between narcissists and empaths is to fuel the empath’s growth and to give empaths the training required to help humanity through the transition to come – that of becoming SOVEREIGN.

The Narcissist-empath dynamic is just the macro reflecting what’s occurring on the micro…within each of us…the dissolving of separation. Narcissist/empath – duality/polarity within each of us – as within/so without.

Because all fights are done in a ring of some kind, in the Red Corner, representing FEAR is the Devilish Energy – Hell’s Devils – masquerading as The Narcissist/Psychopath/Sociopath. They come accompanied by the associated 7 Deadly Sins – Pride, greed, lust, envy, gluttony, wrath, and sloth. Narcissists represent The Matrix CONstruct and all of the lower vibrational systems and programs running it.


In the Blue Corner, representing LOVE is the Angelic Energy – Earth’s Angels – fully transparent as The Empath/Healer/Shaman. They come accompanied by the associated 7 Divine Elements of Christ Consciousness – Love, joy, compassion, empathy, creativity, freedom, and abundance. Empaths represent the New Earth and all of its higher vibrational systems and programs running it.

Narcissists create the destruction and the empath cleans it up, takes that knowledge and power and teaches others how to empower themselves.

Narcissists manipulate through emotion because they don’t feel others – so they’re impervious to it all. The only time they feel anything is when something is about them, and it will only be a negative, lower vibrational emotion they express.

Narcissists represent the Matrix simulation, and is a program, as is everything below you and God. That’s why they’re on it and don’t know any different, because their program doesn’t recognize any other way. They represent the Status Quo – so they’re all on the same program.

Empaths are like the most powerful Lithium batteries available on Earth and when connecting with an empath, it creates a high for both the empath and the narcissist, until the narcissist doesn’t stop draining the energy of the empath, and the empath doesn’t stop giving. Then it becomes an addiction only one will wish to kick the habit of, and it won’t be the narcissist. You can’t love a narcissist enough to change them. You will never transmute it all. It’s a bottomless pit because you are not supposed to change anyone, but yourself. That’s why this is your greatest power when you become aware of this FACT.

Once you learn this, you’ll be VERY protective of your energy, as that’s not why humans are here. Luckily, with our direct line to God, we are constantly recharging. Empaths absorb the energy of others. You will need to cleanse and heal yourself constantly – to rebalance – and you’ll need to spend a lot of time alone and in nature, to transmute all the negative energy back to love and light. Come back to one’s natural state.

Empaths represent the soul. That’s why they can clearly see the difference. The only difference being they can see the narcissists, but the narcissists can’t see the empath. You’ll be able to clearly see and point out what the narcissist is doing, but all they can see is their reflection in you, hence, blaming you. Because programs are vibrationally based, the higher you go, you can see below you, but the lower vibrations can’t see higher. By raising one’s vibrational frequency, the human awakens and sees the Matrix from the Soul’s perspective.

Our FLIGHT or FIGHT response is an instinctive response to protect us from danger – real or imaginary. It is a survival tool programmed into our reptilian brain. These experiences are to mentally toughen you up. God’s angels had to be trained by their toughest opponents. Psychological warfare on a personal level – to rise above manipulation – so we can’t be brainwashed. Honing our intuition, learning trickery/fuckery energy, learning that you really only know someone when you stop wanting to be their food and you call them out on their bullshit.

This is when the narcissist is at their most dangerous because once they know you see through them – their flaws – and in order for that to not be correct, they will set about systematically destroying you and gaslighting you so that your opinion of them, when spoken to others, only shows you as a crazy deranged lunatic. Because in effect, that is what you have become. When people love your light, they will have a hard time letting go of you and moving on, when your time together comes to a close.

When you lose sovereignty – CONtrol over all areas of your life – and hand it over to an external power, it’s a total loss of any kind of independence – hence the world being in a perpetual co-dependent relationship – the people need the government and the government needs the people. It’s very challenging to get over – get out of.

Bullies get others to fight their battles for them. The gang does the dirty work for the boss. Narcissists are the gang for the negative alien agenda. Swarm hive-mind one thought, one agenda. Hence, why when you stand up to a bully when they are alone, they crumble. But in a pack, they hound!

This is being reflected on a worldwide scale in this movie we are watching, as the devolution of governments and the formation of new alliances, for example, BRICS, and carries through onto their main programming avenue – with Hollywood seeing this same shift. New technologies and new avenues for distribution and filmmaking outside the big studio and production houses allows for anyone to now produce the latest “BLOCKBUSTER”. Phone cameras, drones and CGI software further these technologies, taking us to places we never dreamed of even a decade ago. Literally, and within our minds.

Another way governments (bullies) have asserted their agenda is through the use of war, and using humans as pawns in THEIR WAR GAMES. Humans have not Collectively innerstood that with nobody fighting, there is no war. If everyone laid down their guns NOW, all you would have left would be bunkers full of very old men moving flags on a map, like in a board game. It is this simple. There would be no one bombing you or threatening to take your land, so why would there be any need to bear arms?

It’s not the actual acts of a narcissist that drives you crazy, although that will push you to the wall. It’s trying to innerstand WHY they would do what they did. So let me just take the pressure off right now. You will never, with a sound rational mind and a working heart, be able to innerstand the twisted headcases of a sociopath, psychopath or narcissist, so stop trying to figure it out. It’s a program running the human’s consciousness, not the human’s soul. That’s why the whole world is finding it hard to innerstand WHY the government wouldn’t have their best interests at heart. And that’s the clincher. Classic Stockholm Syndrome.

Narcissists and empaths are attracted to each other’s energies in this toxic dynamic – like moths to a flame – one to feed, the other to empower self. If you can survive dealings with a narcissist, sociopath or psychopath, whether family member, work colleague, friend or partner, you can survive anything.

A narcissist will never take responsibility for their actions. They will twist it and make you so confused, you will be left feeling even more under attack or hurt than their explanation of their fuck-up than the actual fuck-up itself. They never own up to their deviousness. Narcissists will blame you for things they’ve done and act like it’s your fault. This is the extent a narcissist will go to, to not take accountability or responsibility for their life. Their self-grandeurizement and illusion are second to none. The same with governments. How many blame past administrations for the state of the country?

The “Golden Child and the Scapegoat” dynamic within lower vibrational families that most empaths have incarnated into will see the narcissist child be the Golden Child and the empath child will be the Scapegoat. On the higher perspective, themes of abandonment, trust, and betrayal are designed to ignite the Warrior Spirit within the empath, to get them standing on their own two feet – dependent on no one. Once the empath can see this, they can begin forgiving and start appreciating the narcissist’s sacrifice for THEIR soul’s advancement. For it’s this, “standing on one’s own two feet” that is the basis of Sovereignty.

Narcissists never provide solutions. The Illusion of Solution. They make you go around and around and around like a record baby. Like a politician. You waste your energy trying to get any kind of reasoning or solution.

Narcissists know empaths are overly sensitive as well as overthinkers. Empaths were chosen for this express reason. If an empath produced no emotion, what good are they to someone who is hungry for it? They need your negative lower vibrational responses to feed from.

Do you think you can be nice to a narcissist and they’ll change like all the self-help and “gurus” tell you? That everything is a reflection of you? No. Within the Game, you will encounter many that are there to reveal things about yourself, but if you think that every single person you interacted with in life is a reflection of you? Incorrect.

Think of how many people you interact with on a daily basis, especially if you work in the service industry. Most would have been NPCs, narcissists, some empaths, and general humans with no extreme traits.

What you ALLOW IN is a reflection of what you feel you’re worth. All else is a projection from others – and pretty much every soul walking around is living and responding to life through unhealed wounds and deep-centered traumas.

Everyone has different missions and plays different roles, so to judge someone else’s life just because of your beliefs and programs is a narcissistic trait.

MIRRORED EMPATH and CHANGE AGENT. These two roles work hand in hand. Change agents disrupt things, and shake things up. The mirrored empath is the ultimate mirror and must be prepared to have all differentiations in humanity reveal themselves – the good, the bad and the ugly. Being a Mirrored Empath does come with its benefits though, the most precious being the ability to feel “more than the average human” and therefore, the heights at which your heart and soul can rise, are equal and opposite to the lows. So how good is that! You know how bad you’ve felt, so just know, the opposite is available.

Most likely you will identify or resonate with either or both of these two roles, and if you did, you should know that you most likely then have contracts with narcissists whom you have agreed to meet for you to be able to rise above the two lower consciousness chakras that humanity is in the process of rising out of. The sacral chakra is the Will power center, and this is where you will receive many opportunities to transmute programs and beliefs that you took on during your childhood. Humanity has collectively chosen this experience now manifesting in a HUMANITY VS GOVERNMENTS OF THE WORLD scenario that will PLAY out according to God’s Masterplan.

Narcissists are covering up severely deep core wounds that they cannot even see and therefore they simply project all of their issues onto you. They really believe “Why would anyone want to be with me if I don’t love myself” and so all their actions reflect this core belief. If they blame you for cheating, you can bet your bottom dollar they are cheating. If they don’t want you to go out and see your friends, it’s because they believe in their head that you will all be talking about them in a negative way, and your friends will be trying to talk you out of being with them and because they weren’t there and don’t know what you’re doing and who you’re with – so put a tracking-devise app attached to your phone – or a govt ID sign-in. Where are you!

Narcissistic abuse can be subtle and worsens over time. The abuse may be emotional, psychological, financial, sexual, physical and even spiritual. Yes, spiritual narcissism exists. It’s challenging but when you think about a spiritual empath – someone who is aware of their divine powers and knows how to use them – there must be a spiritual narcissist – for CONtrast.

With black magick, spiritual narcissists have the ability to read your blueprint, and if a narcissist has you under some kind of spell or curse, they can plant thoughtforms into your head, e.g., “make her say this so that she thinks it came from her and not you” and then that causes confusion and doubt and challenges your intuition. You need to get straight with who you are so that when things come into your reality that is out of alignment with that knowing, you can clearly see it, and say NO to it.

There are so many amazing healers, teachers, and mentors available to help guide you along your journey, but just as “fake ass” and “sex sells” – the Matrix has manifested the “Collectively” negative energy of this subject – the inversion – as does everything. This fake aspect is called the New Age INDUSTRY or “WOKE” movement.

INDUSTRIES are created to generate more need for themselves. That’s why you can never get enough. More self-help books, more retreats, more workshops, more methodologies to learn, more connections because POPularity is driven by numbers – subscribers – MORE MORE MORE. This MORE energy is the insatiable appetite for CONsumption by the devil energy.

Narcissists will intentionally go out of their way to make you not feel special because they know you are special. One way they do this is to appoint another – a third-wheel – the triangle effect – to say, “this other person holds more authority than you” – whether it be an ex-partner, spiritual guru, personal trainer (if you are a personal trainer) – you get the drift – your competition – the stories they tell, the narrative they write, is that there is always another – a third whatever, that they turn to for advice, even if you have told them the exact same thing. And why do they do that? Because if they fulfilled all your wishes, you would never rise up to be whom you are designed (CONtracted) to be.

With relation to the government and your relationship with them, there will always be another bureaucracy that claims to know more about what’s best for you than you do, and you will have to jump through hoops for – the health department, education department, they OUTSOURCE – provide an external entity – to do what they proclaim to do. Create the problem, then provide the solution. It’s all one and the same entity. How many departments do you need to communicate with when changing addresses? There! It’s not me, honey, it’s them!

Narcissists use money as their love language – it’s how they reward you when you’ve been good, and how they punish you by withholding it when you’ve displeased them. This withholding will come with emotional blackmail, threats and all kinds of distorted views of what love is. The governments certainly let you know how much they care about you, by their minimum wage and pension/welfare handouts.

Narcissists manifest off others’ creative powers. Your life will go down the toilet while they literally siphon your powers and create the life and opportunities, they wish for themselves. This will take time for you to realize. And that is by design.

Healed balanced people don’t feel alone when they’re alone. Narcissists do because they are existing within a program structured to only be able to steal energy. They can’t create, so their every maneuver is to destroy.

One of narcissists’ kryptonite is jealousy. Jealousy is the predominant way that results from the narcissist’s inadequacies/inferiority complex. This isn’t called the green-eyed monster for nothing. THE HULK ain’t got nothing on a jealous reptilian beast.

The burning of witches was an act of jealousy of others having a connection to spirit and the powers bestowed upon them as Seers.

Narcissists are programs and have limited stories that they will tell over and over again like it’s the first time they’ve told it because they are running a SCRIPT, that says [insert emotion here] along with [the next line in the SCRIPT. It’s almost identical every time. On loop. It’s their bait. History, echoed in movies and in books are the same SCRIPT SOLD to humanity over and over again.

This is to show you exactly that – how you lost yourself totally in an illusion. None of it is real. Compare your stories with others involved with a narcissist. You will have almost identical stories. So now you can see how the program is there to help you rise up, as it’s a program you are fighting to have in your life, and that isn’t real, so it’s not sustainable.


The program’s purpose is for you to stand up for yourself, be a sovereign Being, know yourself, be the love that you are, and give what you gave to the narcissist, to yourself. Start demanding more from yourself. From a higher perspective, you can see how the government does this too. The Powers That Were have you so distracted, going from one event to the next – New Year’s Eve, Work, Valentine’s Day, Work, Easter, Work, Holidays, Work, Birthdays, Work, Thanksgiving, Work, Christmas, Work, Partners, Work, Engagements, Work, Weddings, Work, Anniversaries, Work, Births, Work, Work, Work, Death. Happy New Year. Keeping you in a perpetual cycle of money spent and credit racking up, living paycheck to paycheck because of all the bills.

So how do you end it? Break the cycle? Break the connection? The only way is no contact. And it’s the same with the government. Get yourself out of every system, one by one, until you don’t have to ask them for permission to do anything, as your life is SOVEREIGN.

On a soul level, the Narcissist benefits from being shown, through the empath’s response and handling of a situation, how to empower themselves. So if a Narcissist is seeking courage, and they can’t do the job themselves due to their soul evolutionary level, hence the CONtract – they’ll latch onto an empath who exhibits courage, so they can learn by example.

Change your perspective to one of, NARCISSISTS ARE HERE TO HELP SUPPORT MY EVOLUTION, and you will rise with grace and ease with a smooth transition to your new you.

It’s imperative to take action now. Put changes in place. Begin making plans, even if it scares the crap out of you, keep thinking about it until there’s no other route for you to take. And never, and I repeat never, reveal your plans to your enemy.

You must train yourself to be in observer mode when dealing with a narcissist and have zero reaction to anything – don’t give your power away. SMILE – it confuses the fuck out of them. This will take practice, not to bite back, but once you begin to put this technique into place, you will find such satisfaction in not giving them anything to PLAY with – by being non-reactionary – that it will spur you on to continue. You will see the change your attitude has on them, too. So be prepared to be pushed… every one of your buttons… they will try, and even ones you didn’t know you had. Practice doing it with your trusted friend so when it happens for real, you can go to that state in your mind and ACT it out confidently.

When you see the narcissist program for what it is – there to train your intuition and gut instinct – your higher senses come online, and you’re not going to allow anyone to walk all over you, ever again. You are learning to have your own back, redirecting all that love and energy you gave to others, back onto yourself, where it always should have been, but was detoured due to traumas and unhealed wounds of your own.

You can give people your heart without giving away your power. Don’t compromise on your morals. Never settle. Don’t punch BELOW your weight. Know your worth. The right people will be attracted to you through your vibration. Vibrate at a “desperate to be loved” energetic state and you’ll attract those seeking to feed from that vibration.

Self-love and boundary placing is the only defense against a narcissist. Self-love eliminates the feeling of the loss of everything. One’s connection to Source eliminates the loss of everything. When you have nothing, everything is a blessing. And this is never clearer than when you have escaped the clutches of a narcissistic toxic relationship.

Claim back your power. Claim back your truth. Stop worshipping false idols and start worshipping yourself.


How did we get here? We’re watching a movie of mass psychosis and gaslighting by the illusionary Rulers of the Earthly Realm with their minions… puppets… governments of the world… doing their bidding. And I say illusionary because it’s our belief in something that makes it real. We’re seeing a war of revenge like the Godfather series play out between families that are all bad but they make us root (vote) for them. Pick a side. Red or blue. Or is it blue and gold? Territorial claiming. Expansion. It’s the same people. Same families. Humanity is just caught in the middle of it, but the people – which includes the governments and religions – all make up humanity. Again, like an Escher drawing of stairs, are they going up or down? Answer is both!

One lick at a time. Every time we give our consent away – give that last biscuit when we really wanted it – and we cringe – but “No, you have it. I’m good”. You gave your power away. Give an inch and they’ll take a mile. That’s how the dark has got this far, slowly, subtly, one small consent at a time and suddenly there are no more biscuits left ever for you, but for them? Truckloads. Factories full. Just for them. And they know we are loving, giving, people because they’re counting on you being a people-pleaser and not knowing yourself so they can manipulate you, one bite at a time, to consume the whole elephant in the room. And you’re vegetarian.

The whole world lives in either one of three possible scenarios, which is feeling a lot like a Quentin Tarantino movie, whereby we know all characters and subplots will come together at the very end and make sense, but just for now we sit back in our armchairs with popcorn, ice cream treats and candies galore at our sides, along with our nearest and dearest, and watch – OBSERVE.

The first scenario is the God lover – angels – stairway to heaven.

The second scenario is God fearers – devils – highway to hell.

The third scenario is neither of the above – don’t worry, be happy and live in denial of either two scenario even being a factor in your life. Head in the sand. This is most of humanity at the moment, just going about their days running purely from programs that are driven by the media and other illusions of reality.

There is so much we don’t know because it’s a big club and we’re not in it. We weren’t born into it. We sold our soul to God. The unconditionally loving God. The creator of ALL IS. I didn’t realize the God THEY worship wasn’t the same God we do. When I found that out, everything clicked into place. There are two Gods. One loving, and one the absence of love. The polarity of the Game being PLAYed on the macro level – the BIG PICTURE THEATRE.

If you want to innerstand the ways of THIS world, learn about energy, vibration and frequency. All the clues are there. We’ve been shown, if paying attention, how the NATURAL LAWS of the Universe have been manipulated and altered to change one’s state of being. One’s vibration. First with the Matrix overlay and then with all the programs and systems to enforce them. The music industry was designed to reprogram and commercialize creativity and harness God’s natural rhythm, synthetically adjusting it for malevolent purposes. Interrupting one’s natural vibration inhibits one’s free will to make vital choices for one’s own DESTINY.

The Matrix, essentially has everyone walking around in their own individual blueprint as a maze, a labyrinth, blindfolded, dazed and confused, banging into endless dead-ends and looping back to the start.

How do you keep a civilization from escaping its own mazes and each finding its Destinies? By ensuring that the blindfold never comes off. How can one take the blindfold off by themselves? By beginning to believe that one is even wearing one, and slowly lifting up one eye, allowing it to focus. It has been in the dark for so long. Then lifting the other eye, allowing for both to come into balance and harmony. Integrating the light of truth that blinds for a moment, sends one into darkness again, but then it all comes back even more beautiful, and with greater clarity, and suddenly you become aware you are so tall, and the maze – the labyrinth which was once sky-high – is now around your knees, and you can see way beyond the walls of your mind, FINALLY.

You see all the pathways leading off past their boundaries of programs and limiting beliefs, and you take great strides to see where all of these paths go. But one at a time. So. Which one first? In the land of no time, does it matter? Only that you choose, and walk. FREELY.

Humanity has been played. Don’t you just hate cheaters? But you must remember, there’s a very good reason why cheaters cheat. They are unable to acquire the skills required to defeat you otherwise. Every time you see the deception, instead of falling to the floor in a heap of hot mess, know that you will be grateful for the clarity, once you get up off the floor, because you now have the skills required to win this Game of Life. The heart of humanity is what keeps “the beat” of the game – it’s the core processor – if you will. The absence of heart means the absence of light and love, hence the cheating and the traps set.

Trauma creates fear. Fear leads to apathy. Apathy leads to indifference. Indifference leads to stuck energy leaving you vulnerable. If you don’t care about something, you’re leaving yourself open for external forces to take CONtrol for you. Hence, healthcare, education and all other forms of institutions that have come in to do the work of the parent/community.

It takes a village, right? Well, right now, one’s village is online and no one even knows what each other is doing/looking at/giving energy to! We hand our kids off to be educated by others, send them to camps and sporting events to play with others, and in our spare time take them away to places where they can learn about how everyone else does things. Five minutes a day would be spent connecting and spreading any kind of ancestral wisdom or learning, educating about life, and imparting knowledge. Then just wait til you get a little bit older, and we’ll even cart our own parents off to be taken care of by someone else, too. What you do to another, you do to you.

The term “aboriginal” has been used to label a specific genealogy of a country’s natives. The real meaning of “aboriginal” means “native to the land”, so we are all aboriginals of the countries we are born in, and if you want to take the higher perspective – we are all aboriginals to the Earthly Realm. It’s in our bones, our genetic make-up – all designed to work in synchronistic harmony with the planet and its place within the cosmos. We are coded according to the stars above this planet – no other – for this incarnation as humans – and therefore we are designed to be characters (players) within this realm – this plane of existence.

The human race – the name says it all. A race to the light at the end of the DARK tunnel to enLIGHTenment and oneness.

Humanity has lost trust in itself, and therefore the trust in their chosen representatives – the Governments of the world. Humanity is sleeping with the enemy.

Most are under the illusion they have free will on a prison planet. Humanity is seen merely as a workforce.

Humanity is addicted to drama – it’s a cellular peptide memory reaction – a physical-chemical reaction that happens when you’re in a constant state of trauma. Fear after fear after fear. Narcissists feed from this fear, hence the making of the drama in the first place. A species shaped on ego, knowing if they can keep us down stuck in the lower chakras, the lower vibrational states of Being, we wouldn’t rise.

We wouldn’t have the time. We wouldn’t have the drive. We’d be so worn out, we couldn’t be bothered fighting, and become complacent, and when people develop complacency, it’s one step away from apathy, and that’s the goal. For you to not give two cahoots about your life, or any goals, and be satisfied with breadcrumbs. “YOU WILL OWN NOTHING AND BE HAPPY”, the latest catch-cry.

Everything is energy including situations, for example, Lady Diana’s death, 9/11, the moon landing. They all hold energetic vibrations of the Collective’s reactions. This is what it means when saying that the Collective has an impact on itself. We all create it. When something is of that big a consequence to the energy of humanity, it MUST HIT ALL OF HUMANITY. In this same fashion, humanity manifested viruses and lockdowns, the narrative of “THEM versus US” mentality, and so many more variables into the Collective to do with morals, values and “perceived” life and death decisions. It also brought into question the very two clear pathways for humanity. Recent events have divided society on an unprecedented level, and so to correct the inversion of the reality we are presented with – the False Game – it is going to take a drastic change of energetic shift, on an unprecedented level, to RIGHT it – back to God’s Original Game.

Humanity needs to DECONSTRUCT a whole load of belief systems about themselves and INSTALL new ones. Ones of a higher vibrational frequency.

Humanity is moving away from the decentralization of government and rebuilding communities from “Grass Roots” level and upwards.

Humanity is going through the abandonment phase, feeling the repercussions and effects of not being connected to their creator. Humans are living reactionary lives to that which they have created. We’re all learning how to deal with ourselves.

Because when you’ve been asleep for a long, long time, the blinding light of the truth of how we’ve been manipulated and controlled is going to come as such a shock, you’re going to wish you never woke up. But then, when you begin to make inroads into your soul development within a human body, you will become grateful for the knowledge and wisdom bestowed on you through integration – as light becomes shon on all situations around you, and you accept it for what it is.

Fear and hate are lies keeping humanity in love with its captors, thinking they are providing solutions, not knowing they created the whole system to enslave them.


Every time we buy into a narrative that is introduced into the Collective Consciousness, on purpose, for the express intention of causing division, they’re laughing at us. It’s mockery. They love laughing at our stupidness, our gullibility. They get off on it, and that is exactly how we got to this stage of the game. Complacency. Laziness. Giving our powers away and giving consent for their programming to continue. Well when you know better, you do better, and with the extent of information now available both online and within the information superhighway (SPIRIT), we now know what we’re up against. And we have the factual info from God and his helpers to back it up. We access the true history of Earth and the galaxy. It’s within us. That’s why every teaching tells you to look within. Take your eyes off of what your 3D set of lenses is showing you, and activate the eye within, the 3rd eye. Here you can see whatever your lil heart desires. And you can also see all that your lil heart doesn’t desire. It’s all there.

NPCs – Non-Player Characters – the EXTRAS

Within the Game – as in – within this SIMulation we are existing in – there are NPC’s, but not above this Game. NPC’s are holographic projections of an environment, to create an ambiance, in order for you to feel. They can be people, structures, or weather. They SET the backdrop, the SCENE, for GAMEPLAY. They ADD to the REALISM of the Game.

NPCs don’t have any bearing on the Collective – energy wise – what they do have bearing on is keeping the illusion of the Matrix CONstruct and all its STRUCTures and programs, ALIVE.

We are playing in a SIMulation, and within that PLAYing field, there are a lot of extras.

The NPC’s are there just to fill in the backdrop, the scene, the extras that play no significant role other than to create the perceived reality of a place, e.g., sports stadium, beach, shopping center, there’s mostly NPC’s because the consciousness will want to fill in that stadium and so you know when you go to get a beer or a hot dog there’s going to be a line-up, and when you go to the toilet there’s going to be a line-up because it makes sense to your logical mind that if there is a stadium with 50,000 seats, then there will be close to 50,000 people and most will want to buy something or use the restrooms.

The purpose of the NPC is not only as fill-in or backdrop people. From the higher purpose, they’re a test on your discernment, and also your discrimination. Treat every single person as if they are God’s children. Treat them with love, compassion and empathy, and do not judge. You are to treat everyone as if they have a soul. Regardless of how they are perceived by you.

NPC’s are non-human entities and they’re everywhere, supporting the Matrix illusion. Soulless holographic projections forming a swarm or hive-mind. To trick you into thinking something is way more popular than you thought. You are keeping it alive. Stop participating in these illusions, and they will disappear, along with the NPC’s supporting them, for there will be nothing to support.


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Let me clear my throat!