July 24, 2024


Earth Angels and Fallen Angels

Earth Angels and Fallen Angels
Ever met a Fallen angel?
They most likely will tell you they’re a Fallen angel. They wear it like some badge of honour, such is their self-absorbed narcissistic fashion.
They will entertain you with their wiles.
Delight you with their attention.
Say all the right things.
Entice you into their trust.
Get you right where they want you.
Need you.
So entrenched in THEIR lives.
THEIR drama.
Make you feel so important.
All in order to feed.
You see, Fallen angels are exactly that.
Fallen from God’s good graces.
So to get back into God’s good books, they have to hitchhike.
And you are their ticket to ride.
Only, they are Fallen angels.
So what happens when you are carrying a Fallen angel on your back?
YOUR frequency drops.
THEY will appear all shiny and new.
Yet cracks will start to appear. You sense something is OFF.
And because you are an Earth Angel, you are the GENUINE ARTICLE.
And so the frequencies won’t align.
You will want to stay UP HIGH.
And the Fallen angel won’t like that. They have loved watching you fall.
And then the game really begins.
It will start off small at first. Some minor nitpicking on your character. Something you say will be too outlandish for them. Something you do will be too GOOD for them, and so the assassination will really pick up, on a larger scale, until their frequency begins to grind on you. You have delved SOOOO low, and the realisation that this “Fallen angel” which is ON YOUR BACK, doesn’t actually HAVE YOUR BACK!
Ohhhh noooo. They NEVER DID.
You see, that’s the thing with FALSE LIGHT.
Rub too hard and the gold comes off.
The once shiny bright object becomes DULL AND LIFELESS.
And the only thing to do is jump ship, so the Fallen angel is forced to swim on their own.
You have God as your life-jacket.
Swim Earth angel, swim.
As far as you can go, away from the Fallen.
Back into the arms of the safety of God’s love.
The Fallen will have to turn to God themselves. You cannot save them.
Fallen angels are why Earth angels have had to come here to Earth at this time.
To save a planet under the Fallen angel’s spell.
And you’re on a Mission from God.
To get humanity’s frequency as a Collective, back up to the true light.
Back into the light of the one true God.
The one all Creator.
The I AM.
This is a game for all to find God again.
So release the monkey off your back.
It’s not yours to carry.
And if this post triggers you, it’s because you think you are here to save others, and no one is here to save anyone but themselves.
Earth angels are here to be the example of how a true Earth Angel lives by shining the light of God on all you do and say, and by walking in the faith of God’s love.
This is how you show humanity the way back to the truth. Back home.
You cannot do the work for others.
You must do it for yourself.
God is the saviour.
In the end, there is only God.
Peace x