July 24, 2024



I was born in Sydney, Australia, and am a mother of two boys.

“ACCIDENTAL TRUTH – A VORTEX THROUGH TIME” is my first novel and one I was “called” to write.  This calling came after being an artist for some 47 years, and I took eight months off my art practice to complete this book, based on my spiritual awakening journey.

Having connected with my spirit guide, Ravi, in my mid-twenties, the healings and mentoring I experienced during the last 30 years of my life play the basis for this novel. Entrusted with the Magic Scribe by Archangel Gabriel, and channeled by Ravi, my search for truth and innerstanding of the age-old question, “why are we here?” drove the storyline.

I knew the book was to help awaken humanity and wondered if I could explain everything that happened to me so others could innerstand what was happening to them, too. During the process of listening and writing, it became obvious that I was indeed prepared for my calling, as we all are. We just need to be still enough to listen and hear the words of the Universe.

In writing the book I not only learned more about spirituality and my connection to Source Energy but also more of who I AM as Spirit. I AM a storyteller, whether it be through words in poetry or novels, or images in my art. I AM a Lightworker, a seeder, and a carrier of knowledge and I AM, as ALL of us, are here on a mission to help humanity and Mother Gaia ascend.

Follow my spiritual awakening journey as I shed light on the feelings, thoughts, terminology, and teachings that embody this transformative life-changing process.

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