July 24, 2024


Energy Update mid March 2024

Energy Update
Mid March 2024
It’s final initiation time
Test time.
For the Leaders of New Earth.
Humanity are about to start their schooling.
And God needs all its teachers in the staff room.
Huddling together.
Working together.
On the same page.
Reading from the same book.
Same curriculum for all.
The Awakening of Humanity is the coursework.
God needs its teachers to be full of enthusiasm.
Fuelled with the wisdom and knowing of who they are
So they can draw on all the experiences and learnings they had.
To be of service to the whole.
This is why you have gone through so much crap.
You had to have learned how to handle EVERY situation.
So you can share your knowledge on how YOU overcame it all.
How NOTHING ever stopped you.
How you smashed through even the HARDEST of battles.
And why you are worthy of being Head of the Class.
Standing proud up front.
And how your connection to God and your team behind the veil became your truth, strength and way forward.
You are worthy.
You are protected.
Humanity is going to need so much help with their studies.
There are going to be chapters on subjects they never even knew existed, and of which YOU are the Professors.
Stand proud.
Stand tall.
Stand together.
You have your soul family firmly in place.
It’s going to be one heaven of a year for humanity.
And they ALL will pass.
Because there is NOTHING you haven’t learned.
And you PASSED your final test with High Distinction.
Hurrah! Hurrah! Hurrah!
Onwards and upwards.
Class dismissed.
Peace x

Transmission from The Universal Energy