July 24, 2024




Members CC’d: AA’s Michael, Gabriel, Raphael, Sandalphon

Herein I present my findings of the current state of PLAY on the Earthly Realm, and my Recommendations and Messages for Humanity.
The main themes PLAYing out for Humanity through the Collective Consciousness – Collective thought – are fear, pain, sexual abuse, loss, grief, GREED, jealousy, betrayal, trickery, deception, trust, abandonment, self-belief, persecution, and addiction, as well as the healing of past traumas – negative energies held from times past. So that’s a lot of transmuting, which means healing the energies by taking them from a negative state to a positive state.
We did it all, as part of the Collective. You must take responsibility for the vibrations you have contributed. Your anger. Your joy. Your fear. Your love. It’s all a reflection of all of us combined. Hence, Collective. And I can tell you quite categorically how we are going to continue – by NO LONGER handing over our powers to exist freely on this planet, to anyone else.
We made it all, which means we have the power to change it all. All are equal, and all changes benefit all.
The only thing you have total control over is the power of your mind. What this means is that when you don’t have control of your mind, it manifests as confusion, separation, not having an innerstanding of something, and allowing anyone around you to have influence over what you think and feel, and do.
So true sovereignty is having control of where you direct your thoughts. Where you wish to place your energy, and then having the willpower and the determination and self-love to follow that direction wherever it goes, regardless of what the external presents to you, trying to stop you from doing that.
What if everything you experienced, even though very real, was all part of a program?
We are dreaming a dream inside of a dream, watching a movie while participating and making it come to LIFE at the same time, so to try and figure it out logically obviously has its downsides. Think of the movie INCEPTION, where trained “dream interferers” implant thoughts into one’s mind, and find out trade secrets – the next-level espionage capers. In a world ruled by money and secrets, what people hold within their memory, their DNA, and their consciousness, is such an expensive and rich field.
We are here to rise above it all, the external, connect with God, and move on peacefully to create the kind of planet we all can not only survive on but thrive on. No more “lack”. No more “suffering”. And this is the path all must travel, eventually, in their own time, according to soul contracts and agreements, and depending on soul level and one’s desire for expansion.
Within the Game, the governments are PLAYing the role of mere tools of those at the top of the “illusionary CONtrol” – the Matrix Simulation – the Overlords of the Earthly Realm. Humanity is tricked into believing two parties are different when they are really one bird with two heads, and these INSTITUTIONS are run by puppet masters, directing the narrative and agenda any way they wish, backed up by the equally run, and financially supported, media.
But that is just on the 3rd-dimensional level – ground level. Truth is, governments and the monarchy, and the church, are all organizations. BIG BUSINESS. THE BIGGEST SHOW BUSINESS OF THEM ALL.
Enter the 4th-dimensional astral world, the one where all unseen becomes seen, and all unknown becomes known… that rabbit hole… you’ll soon see is not the home of some cutesy white fluffy bunny wunny wabbit… it’s a crazy menace, with sharp teeth that’ll rip your face off if you get too close.
Discernment is key when viewing new information. Just because something doesn’t sit right in your belly, doesn’t mean it’s not true. It just means the truth is being dislodged from all the other crap held in there as well. The wanting to NOT be in this position, where you’re made bleedingly aware that you’ve put your faith and trust in people and organizations who you were tricked into thinking, had your best interests at heart.
Government representation back in its original conception used to be about electing an official representative of the community, who had lived a successful career and was determined to pay it forward through an office of “service to others”. It was never a position that needed financial endowments to run for office. No money was supposed to change hands. It was never meant to be a career – a position of power and entitlement – but, as we all know, absolute power corrupts absolutely, in deed.
Until now, that is. We are seeing a changing of the guard as we speak. There’s a new Sheriff in town. Those of you born with that indelible spirit – that moved with you everywhere you went, with every breath, with every heartbeat, and with every yearning, you knew you were here for great things. Things you couldn’t possibly even fathom as a wee one growing up in this wicked, sick world. You saw through all the bullshit. All the masks. The charades. The performances.
Yes, we might have wished to be a part of it at some stage, because the pain of being on the outside, an onlooker, and feeling so excluded ALL THE TIME, made us give up parts of ourselves in order to feel accepted. And then, the penny dropped, and we saw how screwed up things really were, and did we really want to conform to this toxic, manipulative way of existing? Is this really the life we came here to live? NO WAY. And you’ve known it for a very long time.
We are in the age of the Great Awakening. The era prophesied for eons, through generations and written in the stars…. God’s playbook. God’s playground. We are gods and goddesses playing on earthly planes. We are the total sum of all of our trips through the Constellations as one energy expression of God Source Energy. We are the culmination of all of our experiences thus far. And here we are. And where is that, exactly?
We have gotten to the point in this spiritual battle between “good” and “evil” whereby God has stepped in. Humanity has been inching closer and closer to self-destruction, as it has done time and time again, only to be resurrected and put back online; reset too many times for God’s liking.
Think of all the medieval stories. The evil rulers in their castles – the “Darkness”, the “Devil energy” – thrones overrun by off-world warlords with the ability to shapeshift as well as anchor into a human physical body – a vessel – for CONtainment. Every movie, book and television series tell us that these thrones were won by manipulation, deception, and stolen and were never meant to be totalitarian in rule. They were meant to be Overseers. But the power and CONtrol were too much to their liking as feeders whose primary goal was to starve a planet’s inhabitants until there was nothing left and then move on to the next planet. Humanity is the villagers – the peasants. The workers for the Rulers. Keeping THE SHOW running.
And then there are the Lightworkers – the Peacekeepers – the Lovers, not the Fighters – the Knights riding up to the castle to slay the dragon and free the village from their imposed situationships. One of ‘inequality’. One of ‘ruler over another’. So this main storyline running through all “make-believe”, is humanity – the PLAYers – making them appear REAL.
We knew, coming in, what we were up for. We were battle-weary when we got here. It’s been a war we’ve been fighting for so long that the beginning is long forgotten, but it’s there, and it will all come out eventually, as we are on a path to remembering. And that path is our destiny. There’s no way we’re going to leave this joint without it.
It’s a fait accompli. God won. We’re just playing out the movie… the script… because, as we all know, the only way to be certain of the truth is to be shown the truth! You can’t be told your husband or girlfriend is doing the dodgy behind your back… but walk in on it… and you can’t deny its reality.
It was always going to take a biblical moment, something so magnificent as God’s hand to come down and swoop up all that was no longer serving us, releasing us from our own stronghold that we had inadvertently placed around our own necks, one submission at a time. Necktie anyone?
There is solid evidence of there being two different games running concurrently. One is being played on a 3rd dimensional, solid matter foundation called the Earthly Realm, and the other Game is one headed by God whereby it’s just player 1, and that player is “YOU”. I’ll call the “blow by blow” of the Game we’re in, the why’s, how’s and what for’s, and how to rise above it and claim back your sovereignty.
Many within the Spiritual Community have awoken to their roles and know who they are and their missions here. They describe themselves in a variety of terms, depending on their areas of expertise. These include Lightworker, Gridworker, Starseed, Healer, Shaman, or Space Force Commander. Whatever term, if any, or other, you resonate with, we are all of it, all at once, but essentially, we are holders of light and anchorers of frequencies, here to raise the vibration of not only a species but a planet.
And how do we do that? By being our true authentic selves. By loving from the heart, and by living a life free from judgment. This is how we move forward as a species. We take care of our own. We get our spines back. We get our species back on track, one act of love and kindness at a time. Shine the light living within your heart, this is your God spark – your divine creation point – your embodiment of God.
WE ARE THE ONES WE HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR. Ironic really, isn’t it? All we’ve been through has actually prepared us, and made us into our very own saviors. Anyone we were waiting for, never had our strength. Never had our courage. And never had our fortitude for truth, justice and peace.
Your job is to work out what’s right for you. What’s your truth?
We are stars – birthed into form and reflecting that out – creating LARGER THAN LIFE STARS – celebrities – celebrating ourselves as STARS on the WALK OF FAME – the Hero’s Journey back to being Center Stage of your life – GOD’S CREATION POINT WITHIN THE HEART OF IT ALL. The Hero’s Journey is a journey into the unknown, but with God in your pocket, you have it in the bag!
That’s why we resonate or have certain attachments to the BIG STARS – because they’re a reflection of how God sees you. But they are you. Everyone looking to worship externally is what has created celebrities. WE are the legends, myths, and history of the Ages bundled up in human form, with all Archetypes represented in all of us.
We’re watching a puppet show. A pantomime. So who are the main characters? Who are the puppets? And more importantly, who are the puppeteers? Well, we know it’s God Source Energy but let’s go small picture – because life is lived on the small screen. In this SCREENPLAY, I present to you the PLAY BY PLAY of the Game.
We’re all here and NOW. All the BIG NAMES. Gods, Goddesses, Demi-Gods, the Immortals, all PLAYing in a new timeline. Split into groups to experience ALL OTHER FACETS OF OURSELVES. Now, some you won’t like. Like attracts like, so these are not your tribe. They are not like you. They operate on a different frequency. So it’s all good. Just learn what you can, cruise on down the road with one hand on the wheel and the other hand on your heart, and keep searching for your tribe. Be chill. All will come together.
All sacred ancient texts prophesizing FOR THIS TIME WERE NOT written FROM THIS TIME and therefore as TIMELINES are CONstantly changing, they are therefore NOT WHOLLY RELEVANT – NOT CURRENT – NOT OF THE SAME CURRENT SEA – THE SAME ENERGY OF THE NOW.
What this means is that, if you truly believe “It Is Whatever You Think It Is”, then we can affect change right NOW, with our Collective thought – with the intention of change. That’s all it will take. The energies, the astrology, and the signs all point that way. Change for a brighter day. NOW!