May 19, 2024


Message from the Universal Energy Collective

This game of life…this simulation we are in…is constructed by timelines…or storylines…if you will. And these storylines are interactive. And they play out into infinity within the quantum structure. And you are the feature in all of them.
Like in the new interactive movies where you get to decide for the character which choice to make, and then the character plays that storyline out. But the other storylines are there within the game, and if you go back and watch the movie again, you can make a different choice and then watch that play out.
Same in real life. All storylines are written and there to be played out. And you play out the one you choose…with your vibration. Whether you realise this or not.
So when you think about it like that…and it’s our choices which are our focused intentions…whether acted out or not (just even the thought is a choice)…there is a clear storyline to your highest timeline, and we access that through the heart.
Every choice. Every time. We choose love.
And with the vibration of love…
Suddenly all things are possible.
Peace x