July 24, 2024




In the land of no time, the void of ALL IS, sprung forth a storm cloud bellowing loudly, demolishing all nothingness before it, rippling out into all corners of the vast cosmos. The Universe stops, twists, and contorts. All dimensions in time collapse into one, and, for a brief moment, all holographic frames are frozen.

A lightning flash streaks blindingly like a wormhole, and when the light finally dims, “all of thought” could hear. This has never happened before, but all knew what it meant. It was written into every single living Being, and as the Clarion Call rang true within the hearts of those “all of thought”, such SILENCE had never been known.

God, “Children. My children. Let me speak to all of your heart light. There is a place in trouble, at the ends of the Universe, and I am calling for volunteers to help. Most of you have family there. Long lost family. Some you don’t even know to exist; it’s been that long. But you have all heard the stories. And all of it, I am loathe to say, is true. A great injustice has been done, and so I am calling on all the fearless warriors, to hear my call. I need an Army of Angels to counterbalance the destructive energy that has taken hold of the Earthly Realm. You are needed NOW, more than ever. You will be taken back in time to a pivotal point in humanity’s trajectory, whereby you will have influence now. Stay on your course. Do not waver. The whole cosmos depends on you. I love you all beyond measure, my beautiful children.”

And within each’s heart light, one by one, God spoke to “all of thought” about our individual missions. Everyone was given different directives. All reported to different Councils and Federations, but we were all on the same mission. I listened intensely to mine.

God, “I will speak to you in code, daughter, and your job will be to decode it all and share the information NOW. It is imperative this is done NOW. Humanity must innerstand about their ability to create instantly, and once this power becomes known, it will permeate through every human, and the planet and humanity can shift as one. Remember who you are, remember your teachings. You are not alone.”

I did indeed remember who I was, and my teachings.

I AM an Arcturian star being, Queen of my Mothership, ATHENA, guiding humanity back home. And I am not alone in this mission. Many of my family are with me, ready for the journey ahead.

One of my main roles is as an Arcturian Ambassador to Earth. I collect and translate information and relay that information to the GFL.

My Mission Statement – to seek out the sleepers, the “unawakened”, and with every interaction inviting an exchange or swapping of DNA files conveying awakening codes and messages about what was missing in their life, and sparking intuitive and creative ways of filling those gaps, or voids within themselves.

I usually place myself wherever there is conflict within the cosmos, integrate into society, and use my innate wisdom, knowledge, and conflict-resolution skills to find solutions, then document my observations and report my findings and recommendations to the GFL to be reviewed and implemented AFTER each life, but this time I am to send my recommendations out to humanity during my lifetime. Here. NOW!

I have a contract with the Universal Energy Collective (UEC) which is a group of higher dimensional Beings across a variety of species within the cosmos who have human representatives here on Earth, like me, and the UEC’s mission is to oversee the ascension of humanity, along with many other star races.

The UEC encompasses all Ascended Masters who are present in their multidimensional states for the ushering in of New Earth. They speak on a general level, practical terms, and everyday language and can relay information codes to a broad range of audiences. They are solution-based, neutral observers who are focused on humanity’s overall Collective evolution. I receive their information through a frequency whereby all the information from the Collective Consciousness of all time is accessible and I am tuned in 24/7.

Me, “I’ll be sure and include lots of satire and comedy in my report, Father, for your amusement, of course.”

My family of light huddles around me, sharing our energies as our way of farewell, as their guidance is instrumental in my mission’s success.

Archangel Gabriel entrusts me with the MAGIC SCRIBE, enabling me to RE-SCRIPT the trajectory of the Collective through my words and intentions, for the highest good of ALL.

Archangel Michael imbues me with the Armor of Protection and the Sword of Truth, requiring me to stand firm in my KNOWING and to cut through all deceptions by INSTRUCTING how to discover one’s own truth.

Archangel Raphael extends his healing blanket of Emerald Light, designed to keep my focus on health and well-being in order to conquer the many challenges I’ve set up for myself – for humanity to learn “Overcoming Techniques” – through my experiences.

Archangel Sandalphon reminds me to keep searching for my voice through the resonance of vibration and to harness the power of the voice via whatever means one is gifted in, through creative expression.

Mission codes were written. Contracts and agreements were signed. Blueprints were locked and loaded into the Quantum Structure of Universal Mind for integration into our DNA during gestation, and within a nanosecond, all were assembled. God’s Team of Light.

Everyone’s backstory is loaded into their individual video tapes into the Quantum Structure. These back stories are storylines that will support the narrative of each experience that each individual has, until the point of reaching Awakening markers, whereby all of God’s Army become activated with their new storylines for the future.

These new storylines are linked into each’s DNA and activate and solidify the New Earth trajectory within the Quantum Structure. When we have all achieved a certain level, we light up the board! And then it’s all New Systems GO!

This is the plan. The blueprint of the mission. Find ourselves. Find soul family. Ignite the world with our heart fire, and bring peace to humanity once and for all.

All enter the Simulation Entry Point to become ACTive players in the Game of Life on the Earthly Realm. We’re playing out God’s SCRIPT, God’s PLAYbook, God’s SCREENPLAY, LIVE-ACTION, LIVE-STREAMing straight to God and the Quantum Structure, to restore the Game to its Original Design, as the Rules had been changed. We’re all here to change them BACK to FAIR AND JUST. With zero hierarchy. An equal PLAYing field for all.

And at that moment, as the heavenly angels serenaded the Army of Light, trumpets filled the arena as thousands of stars descended from the sky within the Earthly Realm’s field, one by one birthed into chosen families who will best facilitate success in their missions.

Game on!