July 24, 2024


Aliens, and all that jazz

We are living in the greatest simulation of all time.
A level playing field, covered by a dome, with continents outside the icewall which surrounds the game…the field…inhabited by what we term “aliens”. All represented in the constellations. Arcturus for the Arcturians. Pleiadies for the Pleiadies. Just like America for Americans. Etc. hence when someone enters illegally, a country they are not “natural born citizens” of, they are termed “illegal aliens”.
Icelandics to an African would be seen as alien.
Someone hairy “chewbacca” would be seen as alien to someone fair skinned with very little hair.
It’s Star Wars in reality.
It’s continents against continents.
For resources. For people harvesting. For energy consumption.
It’s the biggest con job ever seen.
Designed to confuse.
Keep the real information for those seeming and perceiving to be running the simulation. The elite.
Keep the peasants…us mere humans…in the dark.
Kept “out of the loop”.
Look at the terminology we are programmed to use.
Not even knowing what we are WRITING. SCRIPTING INTO BEING.
Being awake and knowing the way the 3D world runs…the matrix, isn’t the same as being awake spiritually.
Some are awake in the matrix and some are awake spiritually.
Very few are awake to both.
You have vegans who are awake in the matrix because they love animals, and you have spiritually awake people who eat meat.
You have those awake in the matrix who dont celebrate any matrix holiday and know about them being satanic rituals run by the elite, and you have spiritually awake who celebrate all the holidays.
New Earth is simply that.
A new earth. Where all is known. All is innerstood. And there are no secrets. All skeletons are “out of the closet”.
All truth is known.
The Great Awakening is FULL DISCLOSURE.
Not half truths.
Not “we know this but we’ll do that instead”.
It’s fully living the God Source Codes.
Being authentic to the way God designed you to live.
Zero ego. All heart.
Can you paint a picture and be connected to your Godself within, and not post it to social media, but just hang it on your wall and be happy with it, because it is your divine creation?
Can you feed your family from produce you’ve HARVESTED yourself, and clean up afterwards, in service to the family YOU created, without adoration, appreciation or post a picture of it to social media?
Can you express yourself authentically, being real with yourself, just to yourself, or do you need to seek validation, conformation or praise for doing so, by those outside of you, or can you just be happy you have identified for yourself, where and what you need to do, to be your truest best self?
In a world run by money money money, and do do do, can you just be be be without the external knowing about it?
This simulation demands you be seen. Heard. Listened to. Pay the bills. Go up the ladder. Make more money for a more lavish lifestyle. More more more.
All driven and fuelled by the ego. That’s its design.
Living in New Earth is run by the heart. On love. Unconditional. Accepting of all beings. Without judgment. Without separation.
Just everyone and everything being able to live God’s pristine conditions for existence, breathing, beating with the environment provided for one to thrive.
And there is no ego in that.
God provides every single thing you need, for when you require it.
Not a moment sooner.
There is no hustle in spirituality.
There is no copying or stealing in spirituality.
There is no thing but unconditional loving, as we are all spiritual. All have a spirit. It’s what and who we are, even if you think you are not spiritual. You are. You just haven’t awoken to your true nature of a spirit being in a “human” body. Humananity isnt a species. It’s a concept. Which, if you think of all humans as beings who live in the Earthly realm, surely would encompass all beings within that Earthly realm. Including those from star nations, existing just outside the ice walls. Which is why we aren’t allowed past them.
They are restricted.
And only accessible for those “in the know”. The stars aren’t trillions of miles away. They are within the firmament. And if the dome stops rockets from exiting, thank you Elon for showing this disclosure, then how have we gone into “outer space”. Or the moon? Or Mars? And I am very aware and awake to what “controlled opposition” is.
We haven’t. Stanley Kubrick released his footage of the filming of the moon landing on his death bed. The footage of Mars was filmed in Canada.
Then why say we did?
For the elite to remain in their positions. To deceive. For us to hand over all of our powers, thinking we don’t know anything.
No virus has been isolated. Ever. Yet when humanity was used as a test to see what stage of evolution we were at, despite learning about viruses, most took a vaccine from a computer programmer and wore masks to suppress oxygen to the brain.
A huge fail. F mark.
So when does this stop?
When each individual takes back control over every facet of their lives. Exits the matrix and lives from the heart.
Everyone looking after everyone immediately in their vicinity or presence.
Until then we will just go around and around on loop. This is a simulation for you to “wake up to yourself”. And you won’t and can’t do that, CONtinuing on with the same cycles on repeat.
Do you. Live with God alive in your heart.
There is no middleman between you and God.
No ascended master. No guru. No teacher. No program. Nothing outside of you.
It’s just you. And your love.
So there is
Nothing to do but love.
Then we are free.
To be.
Peace out x