July 24, 2024


Awakening to the truth

Awakening to the truth requires a totally open mind and heart.
If you require everyone to think the same as you and agree with all of your opinions or even knowings, you may find yourself standing alone on an island.
There are many many layers and levels of awakening, all containing different layers and levels of truths.
What I knew and believed as a child isn’t what I know and believe as an adult.
Who I was yesterday isn’t who I will be tomorrow.
Opening the heart and mind allows for new information to come and go with ease and grace without having too many stop signs for you to grasp onto, causing confusion and division – separation.
Your soul knows the truth.
The human – not so much.
And in many areas – none at all.
In this time of the Great Reveal, be prepared to have your whole life turned upside down.
This matrix game is an inversion of the real game God intended for humanity to ascend. To rise up.
Meaning, what you thought you knew and defended and protected with your life, will need to be totally let go of.
You cannot rise up in truth while being stuck down in deception and falsities.
We were condensed into bodies to play…to experience…these lower dimensions…lower densities…and in order to rise up into the higher dimensions of gameplay…the higher densities…you need to uncondense yourself.
Meaning, not carry the lower densities…the lower dimensional CONstructs…thoughtforms, programs, matrices, within you.
So let it all go.
The opinions. The judgements. The knowing-it-all attitudes.
Lighten up. Have fun with it.
Games are meant to be fun, and you won’t have fun if you are too bound with restrictions and rules, because as we all know, the one single truth, is that love, sweet sweet love, is a game changer.
It cannot be defined.
It’s the playing field leveller.
Love doesn’t challenge its players.
It guides its players.
Nurturing and protecting all those who dare to seek its purity.
This is the core belief one needs to hang onto with a deathly grip.
You cannot escape love’s will.
It is everywhere. It’s the backdrop, the scene, the set of the game, and is found from sunrise to sunset, within the bird’s waking tunes to the trees blowing in the breeze. From the baby’s first cries to the joy of its laughter. From the perfume of a blossoming flower, to the smell of freshly cut grass.
Love is simply all around, and awaits your arrival of its presence. Its present to you.
So as most of the world stops and celebrates holidays and gifts presents to loved ones, be the present you gift to the world.
Be the love so desperately needed.
And love all, with an open heart and an open mind.
Let the world unwrap the beauty of God’s love within you, that is so sacred and pure, and true.
You are love.
Show the world.
And let the world receive you, in God’s truth.
Peace x
Photo copyright by Nikool McIndoe