July 24, 2024



We are running off a script and there are no deviations.
No matter what you call course correction or puzzle piece gathering adventures.
It’s ALL scripted within God’s masterplan and we are all actors in God’s script for ascension.
Linked in with the astrology…as above so below…what we do affects what happens…as within so without.
If you would like to know about this script, I had written through me, God’s wake up script for humanity.
That’s why it is called BETWEEN WORLDS, because we are inbetween the 3rd and 5th dimensions.
The 4th dimensional realm is where the unseen becomes seen. Where all the truths are hidden. The disclosures.
And that’s why it is all written in the stars.
And why nothing can stop what is coming.
We are living beings within an artificial matrix simulation.
And time is up!
Figuratively, metaphorically and literally.
All is coming to a close for our best and highest good.
There is a time and a purpose for everything.
All scripted.
And you doing your individual script and me doing my individual script is part of the whole collective script, you may just not be aware of it.
That is what awakening is.
Becoming aware of your part in the play.
Your role in the script.
Trust yourself.
Have faith in yourself.
Trust God.
Have faith in God’s Masterplan.
God won.
Love won.
It will all PLAY out to our ascension and us all walking brand new paths.
It’s all going to be new new new.
A New Earth.
So there is….
Nothing to do but love.
Peace x
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