July 24, 2024


Leaders of New Earth

There’s a new sheriff in town – YOU! We knew when the time was right, we would rise and come out from the shadows… and here we are. We are the illumination of God’s SCRIPT.
Leaders of New Earth are the parents to humanity now. But at some point, the reigns will need to be released a little, so they can come into their own, once they come of age. There will be initiations – humanity has to go through all the levels of awakening, but in a much-shortened time frame than those who awakened before them. They have to be humbled, on their knees, as all must experience this level of surrender, whereby each will say, “How did I miss this?”, and then, “How did WE miss this?” as a Collective Consciousness, and then the remembering, healing and rebuilding can begin.
Complacency got humanity to where it is. Only ACTion will see humanity out of it.
Attributes of a Leader of New Earth
Your code of ethics and moral compass will be tested. Can you be influenced? Can you be easily led? Do you stick up for yourself and what you believe in? Do you stick up for others who are unable to stick up for themselves?
Leaders had to have experienced the Matrix system failing them in one or more streams – health sector, finance, government, law, education, community backlash (standing up for rights), environment, etc. so you can bear witness to these system’s inadequacies, inequality and total authoritarianism that doesn’t support any individuality, is bogged down with bureaucratic red tape for the common man, and obstacle after obstacle when trying to achieve anything.
Leaders had to endure all kinds of pain and trauma to transmute it to love and light on behalf of the Collective. During this training ground, leaders had to experience “lack” in regard to safety and survival, in order to be able to become self-reliant and learn how to stand on their own two feet because they knew that as a leader, they were the other’s safety and survival. Your intuition will be tested. Your strength will be tested. And your WILL, will be tested.
Leaders are always feeling on high alert, always feeling out for danger. They had to have learned to be flexible. Adaptable. Go with the flow. Act on instincts. Always being on guard, but not defensive. Aware. Observer-mode. Whenever there is drama of any kind whereby someone is needing to remain calm and take charge – you will find a leader. A first-responder.
Leaders have been “mentally toughened up” with challenge after challenge that they SET UP for themselves. To be able to have risen above the brainwashing, you’ve had to become intensely focused and STRONG AS SUPERGLUE. God only sends you what you can handle, so NOTHING IS EVER going to break you. It just feels like it. The experience is SOOOO REEEAAALLLL.
There is more than one mountain on the WARRIOR’S PATH.
You have to feel the pain to fully embody the energy so you can face it and rise above it – this transmutation means to take energy and make it something else.
Alchemize – change the state of – so when you embody the energy and you rise up – it comes with you – and as you rise, the density releases and separates – the fat rises to the top of the stew and you see clearly how much it weighed down the clarity, and with this higher vantage point, you are able to see the falsities of what was presented to you, and in seeing the bigger picture it lessens the pain somewhat, to a degree, and then the healing can begin. This is a process. It cannot be forced. It must be innerstood.
Becoming self-nourishing is one of the most important traits a leader needs to master. You must have got to a point where you have a long list of things that you know, without a shadow of a doubt that lifts you out of any lower vibrational state of Being. What makes you happy? Do you even know? How much of what makes you happy is supplied by something outside of you? Do you love music but can’t make it yourself? Do you love reading but never attempted to write your own story? Do you love to cook but haven’t any kind of garden in your yard, so you must visit the local grocer or large supermarket chain?
Leaders of the New Earth are visionaries, oracles, and seers.
These leaders are able to see possibilities and create new timelines from a higher perspective, not previously imagined before, and they are here now, and if you are reading this, you may be one. Leaders are encoded with powerful lights of truth. These lights of truth spread their awareness of the higher dimensional ways of existence, and in embodying these ways of existence, these principles – these higher truths – emulate these codes, spreading them far and wide for acceptance of resonance by all those contracted.
Leaders may also be termed seeders of truth. The real truth. Not the false truth – the illusion. When the truth comes to light all will make sense. Parts of the puzzle magically unite in a divinely meshed sequence of unfolding that immediately follows. Once these previously hidden truths are luminated and activated, they light up all that surrounds them – shedding light on even the darkest of truths.
For leaders – seeders – one must have personally experienced these densest energies to be able to embody them and transmute them back into love and light. Each new truth seeded lights up a node within the Quantum Structure, lighting the path forward for expansion into brand new frontiers.
The seed’s journey is to search for light – for the source of its growth. Zero light equals inevitable death. All organisms inherently know this. It’s in their genetic coding. To reach for the light. Do whatever it has to do to survive and thrive, even hitchhike onto other lifeforms to get there.
If you switch this around, from the darkness’s perspective, for them to survive, as they are unable to create their own light – they must also seek out the light for survival. Light equals immortality. If the light goes out – this is the death of the spirit and it returns to Source.
One must innerstand about being able to see both sides – both perspectives of any subject, no matter how perceivably bad, to bring that neutrality into the 5D Quantum Structure. These current timelines indicate both sides of the same stick fighting for existence. For the validity of existence.
There are so many changes occurring on a micro and macro level that the only way forward is for self-stabilization within the heart self, sitting calmly in Source Energy’s love and comfort. This place was made just for you to thrive and survive. So smile and love. You’ve earned it. “