July 24, 2024


Life on the Early Realm is a big school

As the PLANet evolves and as YOU grow, just like in school, the lesson PLANs get harder. More complex. More intricate and more INvolved.
Classmates with change. FriendSHIPS will pass in the night.
You will have days and nights engrossed in books and all kinds of learnings.
There will be tests, challenges, and studies to prepare you for life outside the school grounds.
You will have teachers you will adore, that resonate within you and bring the best out in you, and those that will literally grate on you like nails down the chalkboard, even though they were the best in their field.
But just as you progress through your limited years of learning, going up the grades, in your soul’s evolutionary life, your SPIRITual lesson PLAN, you will have unlimited years of learning, going up in vibrational frequency.
Throughout your schooling you will have connected with the Head of the School. The Principal. Some students will only know this Leader as a figurehead, seen during daily assemblies or special events like Prizegiving day. Others will have spent their days practically living outside the Principal’s door, such was their need for protection, guidance and intense direction.
God is the Head of the Universe.
Life won’t necessarily get easier once you leave your basic training ground. There may be further studies to become Masters.
But developing your relationship with the Principal of your life will make for an easier, smoother time here on the Earthly Realm.
So no matter how hard it all seems, you actually do have a wealth of information and bags of healing already withIN you, behind you, as we move forward.
Your SPIRITual toolbelt now stacked with specific subjects of “know-how” enabling you to bounce back easier than we once did.
What would have knocked me for six in the early grades, taking me weeks, months, years to get over, now, I just laugh and move on.
Not only do we have SPIRITual toolbelts full of magical wonders and techniques, we have the matching helmets and steelcapped boots.
We know WHO we are, the training ground fully preparing us for life beyond the CONfines of the schoolyard.
Life WILL get easier. For all of us, and soon it will become evident that ALL have been prepared for God’s MasterPLAN for humanity, moving forward.
So take the pressure off.
You WILL leave here.
And go on to new learning grounds.
And the only questions God will ask you was “What did you learn?” and “Did you have fun?”
You are experiencing life on behalf of God, for God to experience all the facets of life THROUGH YOU, and as we all know, life moves faster when we’re having fun.
Laughter is in your magical toolbelt, too.
Remember to use it, daily.
Your classmates are all around you, should you need a friend.
Loving you all through these major life resets.
We got this.
Test results: Pass with High Distinction.
New Earth, here we come.
Peace x