July 24, 2024


Arcturian Channelling April 27, 2022

Woke at 4:04am. Was guided on a series of quests until I found myself out on my balcony. Sun beginning to peak its nose on my horizon, sniffing as it goes. A knowing rose up within me surging with it a massive kundalini rising, filling me with warmth and ecstasy like only it can, and then began this transmission. Recorded. Ending at 4:04secs.
We’re here to wake everyone up.
The reason we’re searching for and waiting and yearning to go home is because it’s our connection to our star family. They’re waiting for us to wake up. We feel their yearning to have us back. And we know this and we knew this when we volunteered but it’s taken so long and they’re so sad but they want us to know they’re so proud of us and that’s why we’re so desperate to wake everyone up because when they wake up they’ll realise the deception and the manipulation and how we were hypnotised and our memories wiped and fed back into the loop, the reincarnation prison that is earth and it’s taken so long. But it’s coming. They are waking up. There’s nothing that can stop it now. The more we detach the more the connection to our true soul family will become. And we gravitate towards soul family that are here representing our soul family back home, wherever that may be and we are also coming into contact with representatives of other soul families here on behalf of their soul families, their star systems. We are all multidimensional, higher dimensional beings, varying in frequency and resonance but all on the same mission to wake everyone up. The more that awaken and hold that remembrance, the more the illusion of what is perceived to be our reality will fall away. And we can go back home.
Where we go one we go all. No man left behind.
We stay til we get it done.
End of transmission.
Peace x