July 24, 2024


We Are Master Creators

We are master creators and we are able to pull from the Master (ascended) creative energies to create that which resonates towards bringing our desires into reality. So…I can pull learnings and practices from Tesla, Hemingway, Jesus, Ganesh, Archangels, Galactic families of light – whatever I wish to aid in my creation – an expansion of I AM THAT I AM.

This is one of your many powers. We all have access to all this wisdom and knowledge held within the Akash.

Call in the required energy to co-create with you, and if your heart is pure and your intention is for your highest good and for that of the Collective, your every wish is granted.

Your heart is the portal, the vortex of all creation.

Sync it up to the 3rd eye – bypassing the mind – and observe which energy you require to bring your desires to fruition.
Don’t be afraid. Your experience is unique to you. All are valid experiences and all add to the Collective (“collect”ive).

Don’t pay attention to anyone else’s “perceptions” of your reality. Just because your reality may be perceived as false or even delusional, they are not on your path and therefore not privy to all you see, feel and know to be true for you.

Happy creating, and go forth and prosper.
Peace x