June 18, 2024


Do you believe…crop circles are real or fake?

Do you believe crop circles may be messages from extra-terrestrial beings from higher dimensions, or are they simply the mastermind of pranksters? What possible motive could there be for such magnificent creations?

Do you believe they could be portals or stargates to other parts of the universe? If so, where could they lead to?

Have you ever been in the presence of a crop circle? What emotions did you feel, if any? I would love to hear all about it.

In my book, “Accidental Truth – A Vortex Through Time”, Aurora Knightley travels back in time through a swirling rainbow vortex, guided by her Spirit Guide, Ravi, to find clues from a select few of her past lives to solve a puzzle that will save the world from imminent darkness.

Here is an excerpt from the book:


Dobree then takes my hand and we walk through the many interconnecting corridors to the front of the mothership where two high-backed, black chairs levitate over a large glassed-bottom section. He ushers me into one of the chairs and he takes the other. No controls or levers are present. He closes his eyes and takes control of the mothership with his thoughts alone. In the blink of an eye, we are viewing the United Kingdom from above.

He slowly lowers the great mothership down in the English countryside and suspends it above a cornfield yet to be harvested. He reaches over and puts his hand on top of mine, allowing me to see his thoughts via my third eye. His thoughts take the form of a complex, sacred geometrical pattern. He then presses down gently on my hand. I look down and am astonished to see that exact pattern imprinted onto the cornfield below.

Incredibly, I have just participated in the energy stamping of a crop circle. He tells me crop circles are made by using sound frequencies, and that different frequencies create different cymatic patterns. These sacred geometrical patterns activate dormant DNA codes to help with the awakening. They are a gift for humanity—a message to let us know we’re not alone; that we’re being watched and helped by other beings. Dobree informs me that the patterns imprinted are purposely becoming more detailed as our vibrational frequency rises. Now that humans are venturing out of the third-dimensional matrix and moving into the fourth and fifth dimensions, more complex coded vibrations are needed to further upgrade our DNA.

He adds these are also messages to the cynics who think humans are making the crop circles—to awaken even the harshest critic, leaving them scratching their heads as to how they are made, in order to have them ask questions of themselves and the universe.

The Lyrans and other beings within the many multiverses coordinate the timing of the energy stamp’s production, knowing that each time a crop circle appears—in addition to awakening those around the area of the imprint—it is disseminated via our internet. The more people who see the phenomenon online or visit it in person, the more DNA codes are activated to bring humans into a higher state of consciousness.


What else did Aurora and Dobree do while on the mothership?

Grab a copy of “Accidental Truth – A Vortex Through Time” and discover what Aurora Knightley learned in her vortex.

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