July 24, 2024


My Awakening Journey and the Writing of “Accidental Truth – A Vortex Through Time”

I was born “awake” in December 1969 and embodied the divine birthright of unconditional love.  But like many others like me who were born awake, the programs and belief systems I entered this incarnation with to transmute to love and light, coupled with my upbringing and subsequent childhood traumas, sent me into a deep slumber.  Slowly but surely it became glaringly obvious that I didn’t fit in anywhere, including my birth family.

The way I treated others was rarely how I was treated and I found myself spending more and more time alone, playing with my toys in my room.  Outside those walls was a scary place – one my innocent childlike eyes wished away.  I would daydream the days away, and create games with my Barbie and her happy pink campervan, and long for days when I was all grown up, and of the adventures I would go on in my own version of getaway vehicle.

I felt my light shine everywhere I went and as the teenage years crept up on me, I discovered I was very different to my peers.  I was able to observe and assess situations and know what a person was thinking and why they acted the way they did.  Not knowing the source of this wisdom was something I didn’t contemplate at the time.

I found myself drawn more to adult conversation and often was told I was very wise and mature for my age.  The phrase “old soul” was thrown around a few times although I had no understanding of its meaning, as I had no spiritual or religious background to place any basis for this term.  Although I kind of believed in God or a higher power, life around me was lived on a very superficial level.

I discovered my creative outlet in art and expressed myself in colour and painting surrealism images of war and the destruction of nature by man.  This was my form of escape and holds a very special place in my heart.

Life carried me away until my mid-twenties when a friend of mine introduced me to a new member of her circle.  I had been invited along with two others to have a clairvoyant reading with a lady who was considered “spot on” with her readings, and this intrigued me.  Little did I know this was the beginning of my awakening journey.  The clairvoyant pulled a number of cards and did a basic tarot reading, most of which were indeed spot on and included information no one knew about me.  At the conclusion of the reading she said my departed grandfather had entered the space with a message for me.  He was giving me guidance on a relationship that I was in.

This was my first introduction to the spirit world, although thinking back on it now, I always sensed energy and had an innate “knowing” when a certain departed spirit was present.  As I was leaving the clairvoyant’s house she commented to me, “soon you’ll be able to read the tarot without the cards”.  This very seed planted in me a deep yearning for the side of life we were unable to see but yet I had always felt.  I left the reading with a renewed vigour for life, and I subsequently broke up with my boyfriend on the advice of my departed grandfather.

Not long after that the “Mind, Body & Spirit Festival” was on in Sydney and I went with enthusiasm and a thirst for knowledge.  I had my aura photograph taken and was given a reading on what was captured.  It showed a large expanse of green over my heart area and the reader asked if I was healing from a relationship.  Needless to say this blew my mind.

How could a photograph and a colour know what was going on in my life?  The photo also showed above my head an area of orange indicating creativity playing a large part in my life, and in my future area of the photograph was hot pink, indicating unconditional love.  The reader said this was a wonderful sign and I once again was left feeling quite giddy with excitement at all of my new learnings.  On my way out of the festival there was a small book stall and on a swirling stand was a book titled “Open to Channelling”.  On a whim I purchased the book and took it home and devoured it in a matter of days.

I had always heard voices – the sources of wisdom I had received – but had no idea I had actually been channelling this information from a higher source, now known as my guide.  In the book it asked me to simply ask who my guide was, and the reply came immediately.  “Ravishastri Lakshmini” – “Ravi” for short.  The connection had been made and now began my true spiritual relationship with the voice that had guided me for nearly 30 years.

I was also at this time given my first tarot cards – the Ryder Waite deck – and I revelled in learning all the cards and would often do readings for myself and others in order to hone my skills.  I would listen for guidance from Ravi and give additional info and would know intrinsically what resonated and what didn’t.  Sometimes I felt I was completely making it up as I was in the process of learning to trust the information that was given to me.  Then I discovered Reiki and did a few courses.  Everything began to make sense.

My art began to reflect my new learnings and I endeavoured to explore the spiritual side of art on a much deeper level.

Not long after I met who was to become my husband and my spiritual learnings became muddled and somewhat lost once I became a mother to two boys – born four years apart.  Fast forward 10 years and the ending of my marriage saw me seeking clarity and guidance once more, and my fast-track to awakening occurred thanks to the advent of social media, and Facebook, where I was able to connect with all and sundry from around the globe, and access to information and teachings from a trusted few who became my teachers and mentors.

My kundalini awakening happened not long after, around 2012, with my connection to a particular healer.  It came so out of the blue that I didn’t even know that what I was experiencing had a name.  The surge of energy I felt one day after we chatted on the phone was sheer bliss. Unexplainable.

All of a sudden my instincts and intuition were heightened and came online.  This particular healer had indeed unlocked hidden codes within me, and within a matter of months I had merged with my higher self and also discovered my extra-terrestrial lineage, even experiencing a brief moment in time when I saw through my alien eyes.  When I blinked I could see the shape of the eyes – large – and I likened it to lifting a pair of Rayban sunglasses up from my eyes and back again.  I could deny none of it no more.  The change in me was dramatic. It was also around this time that out of the corner of my eye, I saw the spirit of my soul mate dog, Lenny Boy, leave his body for a moment like a genie coming out of a bottle, and when I turned to focus my attention on it, it knew it had been spotted and quickly recoiled back into Lenny Boy’s body as he lay there unaware.

I embarked on a series of healings with other healers – one in particular from Colorado, who performed an exorcism of a demon entity that had attached to me for thousands of years.  The resultant pain I experienced from this detachment was nothing short of the feeling one might experience by being hit by a baseball bat in the back, and I could barely move.  The healer sent Archangel Raphael to repair the tears in my aura over a period of a few days as I gradually healed.

The emotional effects of the removal though, were instantaneous.  The healing was done during my sleep state and although I awoke in severe pain, I was immediately aware of a kind of peace within me that had never been present before. It was dramatic.  All feelings of anger and outbursts of defensiveness and argumentative behaviour, gone.  I felt truly alive again.  Free from control.  How I knew I was meant to be from my higher self perspective, and from then on there was no stopping me.

I met several different healers for the next following few years who remotely removed implants and other negative entities which were attached via cords until a final unplugging from the matrix whereby two wires which went in through my skull into my brain were detached.

I was trained as a psychopomp who escorts departed souls unable to find their way back to heaven.  I would hear a gentle “hello”, and know what was required of me, and I heard the call often from then on, often from departed friends/acquaintances, and sometimes random “hello’s”.  I just knew what was needed.

My thirst for knowledge of all things spiritual knew no bounds and I became a sponge, absorbing information from trusted sources like Esther Hicks who channels Abraham and learned all about the law of attraction.  I watched countless YouTube videos on subjects like quantum mechanics and manifestation, listened to binaural beats and decalcified my pineal gland, had countless chakra attunements, learned of the different extra-terrestrial civilisations and those inhabiting cities deep under the Earth’s surface.

Then I learned of New Earth and studied in depth the work of Dolores Cannon and other Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapists, and all about ascension and its symptoms, and the Schumann Resonance and Earth’s trajectory into the 5th dimension.  The more people I connected with the more I learned about soul family groups and past lives, about how to detach emotionally and follow my own inner guidance – my own truth.  I truly felt like I was coming into my power.

During this time, as my knowledge base grew, I became a well sort-after “guidance counsellor” and I spent most of my time giving life advice and guidance over chat apps.  It soon became very obvious to me that I was unable to help everyone as there was only one of me, and I sought advice from Ravi and my Arcturian soul family as to my next step.  I knew the wealth of information I had stored in my brain could help thousands of people and help with the mass awakening I knew was coming.

Then I got “the call”.  It was so loud and so obtrusive almost, it couldn’t be ignored.  I had to write about my spiritual awakening journey – in depth.  There was no ands, ifs or buts.  I felt compelled to put all the information from all the different areas of learnings into one concise place.  The only problem was that my journey and story was so personal that I didn’t want to put my life on a platter, so to speak.  It was too scary.  So, one morning whilst washing the dishes – water being an excellent conductor of energy – I got the answer.  “Write your story in a fictional piece.”  This was the break I was looking for.  It took the pressure off me instantly.  I felt released and freed from any judgement or scrutiny that would definitely come from baring one’s soul to the world for examination.

I was guided to a meditation by Magenta Pixie and was entrusted with the Magic Scribe by Archangel Gabriel.  I wrote my decree and off I went.  I sat down, opened my laptop, and began writing.  It was like I was being dictated to, and I all had to do was listen.  I outlined the book in detail.  There were parts I was unsure about, but I couldn’t stop.  I had the beginning, parts of the middle (enough for a story) and the ending.  All I had to do was devote my time, keep my vibrations high so as to allow for clear reception, and type what was said to me and what was shown to me through my third eye.  It was so clear and easy and free-flowing.  I knew I was in my own vortex – aligned to my true authentic self.  This vortex became the basis for the book.  I assigned different colours of the rainbow to different past lives in order to convey a timeline – a storyboard – for the book.

Every day I would sit at my laptop and just start typing.  I did this every day for eight months, during which time I would be given clues and insights into the next chapter.  I would even dream in character and be told what to write next.  I would have to send myself text messages in the middle of the night so I wouldn’t forget what I had been shown.

My healer from Colorado had once said to me that my book sat next to his in the Great Hall of Akashic Records in heaven.  He had shown me the tree of life and my place on it – on the branch of Seraphiel.  I was an Earth Angel here to usher in the New Earth.  I didn’t believe everything that was said to me, as many are set to sway us from our path.  I only took what resonated within my being as truth.  It became so obvious to me during the writing of the book that I was indeed merely channelling a book that was already written.  The synchronicities and divine timing of information that came into my view were directly and precisely given when I was at that part of the book.  When writing about Atlantis, I would be transported to that particular timeline.  Then when taking a break, I would get on Facebook and the exact picture interpretation of Atlantis would be there in my news feed, showing me the depiction of what I had just written an hour earlier.

Even poems I had written up to six years earlier which turned up as Facebook “Memories” were worked into the book.  It was breathtaking in design.  All was falling into place.  It was effortless and I knew I was prepared in every facet and detail required, even down to the teaching from my nanna how to touch type at a tender age.  My life had indeed provided me with the experiences and learnings needed to set the world on fire with the truth.

The name of the book was given to me at the very beginning.  And I was brought to my knees almost daily with such knowing and humbleness that it freed me from my past and brought focus to my future.  I was living the life of the book, and creating it as I went along.  I was fulfilling my mission.  My divine purpose.  I was merely the vehicle – the vessel – for the bringing through of the information, and I am only one of many tapping into the knowledge that is available to all. I am forever grateful and truly blessed for the experience and opportunity to show people the truth of who they are as soul, and help them fulfil their own divine purpose.

Pursuing one’s gifts and living one’s true authentic self, free from control and manipulation against all odds, against all obstacles, fears and doubts, is the ultimate goal for humanity.  Observe the universe support you and provide you with everything you need to fulfil your mission and rise.

This is the path to ascension for all.  Every single person fulfilling their own personal mission is the only thing that will help in the raising of the collective consciousness and aid in the ascension of planet Earth.