July 24, 2024


Awaken the child within

When one awakens to their connection to God Source Energy, Infinite Spirit, it activates a release of the thought one has to do it all alone, and that we are actually children of God. Awakening is like an acknowledgment that we have a parent, even though we are adults.
As adults we have tended to be so determined to go at it alone and conquer the world, find our destiny, and succeed at this game called Life, not realising that along that route comes the loss of the childlike awe and wonder one sees through the eyes of when connected to a parent. We are so desperate to show the world what we’re made of and leave the safety of the nest that we inadvertently sever those ties. Not realising that one’s connection to the parent…God Source Energy…is the stabilising force that will keep us on track…and was never really severed to begin with.
See the world through your Godset of childlike eyes and watch your whole world turn into your own magical playground.
Peace x