July 24, 2024


New Earth – how do we get there?

We are all trying to create our own versions of New Earth during these unprecedented auspicious times of change.
It is very clear that the systems that are in place supposed to support us are not doing a very good job of that, and so other solutions are to be created. With love.
Ultimately all wish to be in thrive creator mode, not survive suffering mode.
That isn’t God’s wish for humanity.
New Earth is created through each individual celebrating and embracing what makes them unique. By stepping out of the controlling systems and setting up self-sufficient, sustainable businesses that aren’t reliant on many outside sources for it to succeed.
It doesn’t mean you can’t have a thriving art business, and be represented in galleries all over the world.
It doesn’t mean you can’t be a successful musician on youtube, spotify or put out an album.
It doesn’t mean you can’t be a billionaire as an inspiring entrepreneur who creates solutions for the advancement and betterment for the whole of humanity.
It means creating from the heart, with love, and making something of yourself without being attached, chained to or under contract or label from outdated systems designed to squeeze every precious drop of your life force energy.
Governments, big businesses and other institutions are designed to make profit off humanity. Telephone companies. Oil companies. Pharmaceutical companies. The list is endless in the ways monopolies have all garnered together to literally syphon the energy, harvest the energy off of good people. Making it almost impossible to reach any kind of satisfying state of ease of living, instead ensuring we all are just scraping by, keeping our heads just above water, barely able to take a day off or we will surely drown.
Setting up sustainable business models for the New Earth will ensure its viability. Ones that aren’t dependent on these “old world” businesses.
Everyone has the birthright to follow one’s dreams. It’s what is inside you, and up until now there has only been one or two avenues in which to succeed.
New technologies like camera phones to make movies, drones for footage, advancements in ways and means of distributing goods and services through social media which bypasses the old ways of delivering your message or products means we will, one by one, begin replacing the outdated ways of living. Keeping all the profits for oneself. Enabling more free time to be spent with family, friends and pursuing hobbies outside of our “work life”.
God didn’t design life for you to suffer. Pay taxes to illegal entities, making life impossible with bureaucratic red tape and hoops to jump through at every turn of you trying to get your idea or business off the ground. God designed life for you to succeed. That is our birthright. That is why you are here now.
Through your love, your creativity, and your magic, you all have it in you to do whatever you want, whenever you want, without restrictions and limitations.
As long as we are happy and having fun, we are all assured of our success as a whole. In whatever field we choose.
This keeps our vibration high. And is essential as we move through the incoming energies which are here to support innovation and new means of moving forward.
So go forth and prosper.
You’ve earned it, and are here for it.
Whatever that means for you.
Do no harm.
And create.
And before you know it, we will all have our own version of New Earth.
Peace x