July 24, 2024


Energy Update January 2024

You are just another ME.
Experiencing a different set of circumstances. Different personality traits within different locations, all determined, in code, by your BIRTH DATE and BIRTH TIME according to Greenwich Mean Time… your TIME to MEAN something.
The incoming energies are calling for you to take FULL ACCOUNTABILITY and RESPONSIBILITY for where YOU have CONtributed to the WHOLE.
Your LOVE.
Your FEAR.
We ALL are encoded with POSITIVE and NEGATIVE traits within our CO-ORDINATES of BIRTH, and LOCATION geographically, and your star sign…AS ABOVE…SO BELOW…and it is YOUR job to turn all the NEGATIVE aspects into POSITIVE.
This is how we WRITE…RIGHT the inversion.
So if you’re CONstantly complaining or arguing about the STATE of the PLANet and where it’s at, take a good look INSIDE and see where YOU have done this, said that, to the MINUTist detail, without spiritually BYPASSING, and claim back your POWER.
You admitting your CONtributions to the way the world has ENDed up, will dissolve that aspect OUTSIDE of you.
You don’t have to ADMIT this externally, you will EVENtually have to ADMIT it to yourself, or the NEGATIVE aspect will CONtinue to AMPlify within YOUR world.
Focus on you.
Do the work to rid all the kinks in your chain.
Take responsibility, and you will find PRIDE back in yourself.
What this does is alleviate all CONtrol from others where you thought you had THIS happen TO you, when in actual fact, it was ALL you, for your soul’s evolution and expansion.
We are BETWEEN WORLDS, which means there’s 2 worlds CONcurrently running, the one INSIDE of you, and the one OUTSIDE of you, and these are vibrationally based.
The more work you do on yourself, the more you are able to dismantle the chaos you see on the outside, which IMPACTS THE WHOLE.
This is how important you are, and how crucial it is you become STILL within, so you can bring about PEACE on the outside.
All of us doing this, will bring PEACE for all.
We are one piece, bringing about PEACE.
Nothing to do but love.
Peace x
Photo copyright by Nikool McIndoe