July 24, 2024


Transmission from the Universal Energy Collective

As the mass awakening begins for the general population of humanity, I would like for everyone to be mindful and aware that not all previous “spiritual teachings” apply as certain principles and conditions for living were written before THIS CURRENT TIMELINE.
Ways of living and being within the matrix CONstruct before MANipulation differ greatly from this TIMELINE whereby the Spiritual Warfare that has been ravaging PLANets of existence for eons has landed on the Earthly Realm and this changes the ways in which we are to evolve.
Unfortunately coming up in the Great Reveal will see lots of “Spritual Gurus” deceptive ways of being come to light, so I AM being guided to forewarn everyone to have discernment.
Wayshowers, Lightworkers, Earth Angels, and several other terminology to describe higher dimensional beings have come in to this SIMulation to counterbalance the destructive Devil/Dark Energy that brought this war onto this plane of existence, changing the Rules of the Game.
Where we’re at NOW, is NOT God’s original plan for humanity to evolve and ascend.
Which means there are going to be teachings and ways of living that are NOT in alignment with where we’re CURRENTLY at.
Rules that applied for the general population do not apply to these higher dimensional beings who are CONtracted for specific functions here NOW.
In order to transmute the negative dark energy, and to bring to light their destructive ways of BEING, these higher dimensional light beings have had to be incarnated into very dark, dense, evil situations. It is only due to their strength, their knowledge and their experiences of fighting these lower dimensional beings in previous incarnations (on and off the Earthly Realm) and their ability to hold their own, is why they were specifically chosen for this mission.
Anyone not resonating with “general spiritual teachings” should be mindful that they are different. They have a different mission. A different role. Not all teachings suit all beings. So don’t be disHEARTened or think “I AM not doing it right” or “Why can’t I be like this?” or other phrases which put your mind in a lower vibration, as you are probably a Warrior of Light meant to follow your own inner truths, and not take on the perception of the general teachings.
Know thyself. Be true to thyself.
Transmission from the Universal Energy Collective.
Peace x