July 24, 2024


Higher Mind Comes Online

There is a lot of talk about the higher heart and how that is now ruling over the heart.
Today I came upon a similar analogy happening within the mind. Spirit called it the Higher Mind, as what I saw was a stream of thoughts that went by as an under-current and I was able to watch them flow from above, like a stream of information. Becoming the pure observer doesn’t necessarily mean looking from above the whole scene, out of body, but to watch from within, from above. From above the mind, within the body.
Having said that my brain is so scrambled from the past week’s astrological and therefore personal events. I can’t tell you how many times I have had to hand it all over to God and be free of it all. Which is just perfect, as no burdens are mine to carry.
So it’s from this beautiful higher-mind vantage point that I am endeavouring to hold further for all time as it’s just beautiful here, on top of the mountain, watching the clouds roll by below.
And just love, cause it’s the easiest thing to do.
Peace x