May 19, 2024


Energy Update August 2022

Energy Update.
The camera hasn’t picked up the definite shade of green that was just above the yellow.
Waves of healing energy pouring in, heightening the senses. Ears and eyes playing tricks on me…briefly allowing for the higher vibrational energies to be physically seen and heard…kind of like test runs for our new upgraded 5D lenses and cochleas.
This past week has been one series of claiming back various areas of my life after another, where I had gone too much with the flow and gone over the waterfall. So I reigned it all back in.
With this claiming has come many physical symptoms.
Various nodes within the skull feeling periodic intense pressure. Very painful. Then release.
Spirit just showed me a vision of when power is claimed, it lights up a specific area of the brain, like lightning, which in turn, lights up the skull in a specific area. Like a lightbulb. Wow. Very kool image.
Claiming back one’s power clears the density and allows for clearer reception and increased intuition. Clear precise thinking means through a crystalline skull, fully receiving the wisdom from the higher realms. Full connection and oneness.
This past week I have experienced piercing downloads, seeking a channel which was pleasant to my ears. One that matched the frequency I AM now vibrating. And amongst all the white noise and static I found a symphony being played by the most beautiful of hearts…my beautiful soul family.
You never fail me. Resonating and reaching out, not knowing I was going through the same thing, and that together we support and love each other unconditionally, raising each other up. It’s such a delicious dance.
I AM truly honouring ALL in this moment of clarity after an almighty storm.
Sending loving healing energies for all going through a tough time.
I AM always here for you, as I know you are for me.
We are one.
Peace x